“You have to surprise yourself”

From 26 may to 26 June at the seventh international visual arts festival Typomania — cultural and educational project dedicated to the font, typography, calligraphy, motion design and interactive design. On his part brought the Swiss designer of posters, Erich Brechbuhl, co-founder and President of the Lucerne festival Weltformat posters. Brechbuhl known for his lapidary posters to performances, exhibitions and other cultural events, he draws posters for cities and book covers, in a special way combining digital graphics with the material texture. The culture of the poster in Russia — more recently, a very loud — now almost invisible, and exists in local areas of connoisseurs. “the Tape.ru” asked the designer about what is happening now with this type of art.

“Ribbon.ru”: The creation of a theatrical poster differs from other types of posters?

Erich Brechbuhl: For me, the key difference is the volume of the incoming content and information that is associated with theatrical work, with performance. It is a basic idea, story, narrative, set design, directing. And each time the main task for me is to find the right idea, a kind of concentrated expression of everything that I have studied. That is why on the theatrical posters I usually have more time than others.

About how many?

Always different, it is difficult to calculate. Some posters I’m working on for a few hours; for posters with a more complex idea may take up to two weeks.

What you usually want from you, Directors and theatres?

I found some basic essence of a play or performance based on which you can build communication with the audience. Of course, everyone says communication should take place directly and in a manner that nobody else used.

how do you find this the very essence of the project? Go to rehearsals, read the text?

My primary source of information — talk with the Director. Based on this, I begin a wider study on the topics which should be addressed in the communication.

How do modern theatres should visually Express yourself in street advertising?

I think that first of all this communication needs to be cutting edge. Even Shakespeare in the Park can be visualized and offered to the audience in the new and even startling way. Generally, by the way, there is quite a lot of good posters on Shakespeare. Although the story is always the same, however, come across examples quite amazing. Each time it leads to a new interpretation of the audience.

are the theatrical posters or posters in General of different national schools?

I don’t think we can talk about some specific national schools of poster design, today this no longer works. Of course there was the Polish national school of design — they drew a stunning poster which was extremely important for its time, but now we are inspired by the works of designers from around the world. Now it is presented in the form of several different global flows that flow side by side.

does the development of a poster of the current state of society — economic, cultural, political?

Yes, of course. I think each poster you may like to feel the time in which it was made, to grasp the breath of time. Even if the designer did not set myself such a task.

How modernity is reflected in the posters?

on the one hand, of course, the new tools brought about a new visuality. On the other — cultural situation of each time period is part of the result, it may not be realized by the artist.

what happens to the culture of posters in Russia?

I see a lot of good young designers, which could shape the future of the Russian poster. Unfortunately, cultural institutions do not support their almost — I, at least, such support can not see. That would definitely explain the niche position of the poster.

could you name these Russian designers?

for Example, Natasha Agapova and Anatoly Gerashchenko. I follow their work in social networks and media.

How posters and posters help communication in the society? Can the poster be a carrier of values?

When it comes to the political poster, he definitely is a direct carrier of values — this is obvious. In Switzerland a lot of political posters for the people’s votes. Unfortunately, they are almost all pretty poorly drawn, it’s all an example of bad design. As a consequence, they don’t really help solving problems, which is the main goal. I am sure that the young graphic designers should remember this and help to change the world, including politically — with the help of his small but valuable skills.

the Sparseness of the poster at a certain time was used for effective propaganda. As a contemporary poster resists the simplification and manipulation — if?

you Can find a lot of evidence in history that it is more than possible to manipulate masses of people through powerful symbols and images. And I think modern graphic designers do not really mean it, so really good design is realized only in very local areas. Maybe we should not talk about the poster as the medium in classical terminology since we’re not very often meet him on the streets. However, the same posters find new life in the online environment. It is better to publish the poster in the network than to hang it in offline, to past it went without looking.

poster always has a pragmatic goal, or it can be pure art?

In my understanding, the poster should always serve a purpose. Something is trying to tell us, is the process of installing communication. But depending on the target audience it can be mysterious and encrypted or, conversely, read from first sight.

In an interview two years ago you said that you are planning to pay more attention to political work. Can you talk a bit about this part of their activities?

Yes, indeed, since that time, I made a few political posters. For example, a poster for the local vote in Zurich against too many events in one place.

Poster as a genre exists only in printed mediums or culture of digital posters in the format of advertising banners is also evolving? Design online poster is something different from street advertising? How do you feel about animated posters and billboards?

I think it’s all the same. You are developing a poster printing campaign or online, the number one rule for all: the message should work. Animation is a great new tool that can help to communicate more clearly. So I, of course, closely watching all this and waiting for new amazing works in this genre.

In the modern poster, the text is more of a message or visual design element?

definitely, it should continue to work as a message. But, of course, it can be used to emphasize the messages from a certain angle, for a sophisticated accent. Decorative elements usually are not needed. In my personal design practice, I always try to find one key idea — and each of the elements of the poster should go towards supporting this idea.

What is the most important work on the poster?

I would say that you should regularly surprise themselves. In this case, you can guarantee that the viewer will be surprised. And, of course, surprising the poster is the most effective poster.

can you give examples of what you have lately surprised the poster design?

the surprise, I mean a personal surprise from their own discoveries and decisions. In my work I aim to develop a solution that to me seems unimaginable. Only the specific terms of topics and events, as well as the content of the poster can lead to such a decision.