A jealous Siberian found after the fight at the bloody footprints

In the Kemerovo region of the alleged offender found on the trail from drops of blood of his victims. On Wednesday, March 14, reported on the website of the regional Department of internal Affairs.

according to the report, residents of one of the Kemerovo hostels found on the landing of the beaten man with a broken jaw. Police arrived on the scene noticed on the floor blood drops leading to one of the rooms. Its owner initially denied guilt, but the forensic expert confirmed that the blood samples match those found at the site.

the Police learned that the night before, the owner of the room, his wife and friend drank alcohol. “During the repast, the guest began to take care of a woman that did not like her husband. After another compliment made familiar to the women, the attacker beat him up and drove to the entrance. After a few floors the man fell on the stairs, where he found the neighbors”, — stated in the message.

against the tenant of the hostel is a criminal case about the deliberate infliction of harm to health of average weight. He faces up to three years of imprisonment.