A two-meter Russian staged a triple RAID on shop

In Gatchina (Leningrad oblast) police are searching for 25-year-old local resident by the name of Allen, who three times in the night robbed Magnet. On Thursday, June 21, reported regional edition 47news citing a source in law enforcement.

an employee of the store said that at about 23:00 the saleswoman noticed that the buyer had hidden under her clothes, a bottle of beer. At the exit, the woman caught up with him and tried to stop. As a result of brief crush stolen beer fell out, and the man fled.

five minutes later he ran again, but with a knife in his hand. With a cry, “Who tore me a t-shirt?!” the man grabbed a bottle of brandy and ran away. Ten minutes later he was back, shouting “All cut!”, I took down the second bottle and walked away.

According to records from surveillance cameras, police identified the suspect. His name is Allen, his height is 190 cm, was dressed in sweat pants and a t-shirt that was torn on it during the first crime.