Cellmate Skripal spoke about his prison life

the Former head of the fourth management UFSB across St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region Konstantin Lapin, serving a sentence in a penal colony, along with ex-GRU officer Sergey Skripal, told about their prison life. His words on Tuesday, March 20, leads to “360”.

Kripalu, according to Lapin, brought a good transfer with sausage and candy. “Not the food that we ate in the dining room,” recalls a former KGB officer.

In the colony Skripal worked the first shift in the clothing industry, cutting the thread, and kept to herself. “Skripal was dirty, he went unwashed. Yes, he was competent. He walked like a hermit,” added Lapin.

Comparing the former scout with the other prisoners, he noted that most of them were convicted of crimes against persons and only two of the men in the colony, including Skripal, — for treason. “In our country people want to live, do some offense, but the Home do not change”, — said the former FSB officer.

For what crime was he convicted Lapin, not reported, but States that in the colony he led one of the detachments. This means that it had to do with the so-called asset. So in the prison called the inmates who agreed to cooperate with the prison authorities. The other prisoners usually refer to them as traitors and consider them as “goats”.

For their actions Skripal in 2006 was convicted and sentenced to 13 years imprisonment. In 2010, as President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev pardoned him, after which former Colonel in the number of Russian citizens convicted of spying for the US and the UK, were exchanged for 10 agents of the Russian special services detained in the United States.