Deputy head of Sverdlovsk traffic police has washed a new title and was caught drunk behind the wheel

Deputy chief of traffic police of the Sverdlovsk region caught drunk behind the wheel after they washed obtained the rank of Colonel. This is with reference to sources reports

the Incident occurred at night on March 29. Colonel Alexandr Yunusov, noting the new title, sat down behind the wheel of his Citroen C4, has not coped with management and crashed into a Toyota Land Cruiser. Then Yunusov fled the scene of the accident, the driver of the jeep called the traffic police.

the Inspectors for two hours could not catch the offender, and when pressed to the curb, he saw that sitting behind the wheel of their drunken head.

“When he was stopped, he was almost in a deranged state. It’s amazing how two hours on autopilot, drove the streets and never had an accident,” — said the source publication.