Drifting boat with the dead migrants helped to solve a murder

In Vyborg detained 39-the summer local resident suspected of murdering two migrants who were found drifting on the river Vuoksi boat. On Friday, April 13, announced the press service of the regional Department of the Investigative Committee.

According to investigators, the man who is earlier repeatedly brought to trial for various crimes, was Director of the tire garage. There on the evening of 6 April, he quarreled with his employee. During the conflict, the head of beaten to death a slave. At this point, the guys in the shop came a brother of the deceased, which the accused killed the same way by blows to the head.

to hide traces of crime, Director of the tire body was taken to the river Vuoksi, put them in an inflatable boat, which pushed off from the shore, pre-pierced.

the boat Drifting with the dead migrants were discovered on the evening of 7 April, reports the regional edition 47News.ru. The victims on their heads were bags, rewind the tape, his hands were tied with legs car seat belt.