From St. Petersburg broke a tooth on a kebab and retaliate

In St. Petersburg, the man broke a tooth on a kebab and revenge robbed the cafe where I bought it. On Thursday, may 17, according to FlashNord.

the Robber managed to escape from the crime scene and was detained by employees of transport police. On interrogation he told about the recent incident with his tooth. Not having achieved from the management of the institution of compensation, a disgruntled visitor decided to take that money for themselves — attacked the employee of the station cafe and took out the cash register.

concerning 27-the summer man criminal case is brought. According to the police, he will be prosecuted not for the first time.

may 8 became known about the hypnotist robbery of a supermarket in the Ural mountains. The man spoke cashiers they gave him all the money from the cash register, and then forget how it happened.