FSB General came out of a wrecked helicopter and died

After a hard landing of the helicopter in the Khabarovsk region, died on Board former Deputy Director of FSB Colonel General Anatoly ezhkov, writes, “the Media”.

“Died of a heart attack after a hard landing of the helicopter was the General-the Colonel of FSB of Russia born in 1946, he worked in company “SIBUR”. Arrived in Priamure from Moscow. Also on Board was the businessman from Khabarovsk Krai, he has a serious spinal injury,” said Interfax in the administration of the Tuguro-Chumikansky district.

icov arrived in Khabarovsk Krai fishing. The helicopter performed a hard landing in the forest about 600 kilometers from Khabarovsk. As a result of the accident, he collapsed and caught fire. On Board were the pilot, the General of FSB and the owner of the Khabarovsk territory — one of the owners of the industrial complex “Seryshevo” Amur region Sergey Melnichenko born in 1970.

After the emergency landing all three of them got out of the helicopter and headed to the hunting Lodge, about one kilometre from the place of incident. Soon the General was ill, and he died of a heart attack. The businessman was hospitalized with a serious spinal injury. The pilot has a concussion and a split eyebrow.

On according Investigative Committee, on Board were four people: three received injuries of varying severity, one died.

a criminal case on violation of safety rules of movement and operation of air transport. The consequence considers three main versions of the crash of a private helicopter Sud-Aviation Gazell: weather conditions, technical malfunction or a piloting error.

Investigators will interview the remaining members of the incidents, seeks documentation on the aircraft. Will be assigned the necessary expertise, including forensic to determine the cause of death of the deceased men.

icov until July 2004 he was Deputy Director of the FSB. It fired after the June 21, 2004, Chechen and Ingush militants simultaneously attacked interior Ministry Ingushetia, the base of the 137th border guard of the FSB in Nazran city internal Affairs division, the warehouses of the Ministry of internal Affairs, OMON base and Sleptsovskaya.