“God kuzyu” proposed to send to the colony for seven years

the state Prosecutor in the debate of the parties in the Presnensky court of Moscow has asked to convict and sentence leader of the sect “God Kuzi” Andrei Popov seven years colony. On Wednesday, July 11, according to TASS.

in addition, he asked to be sentenced to real terms and other defendants in the case: the chief accountant of the sect Galina Markevich — five years, Hope Rozanov, and Jeanne Frolushkina to six. The verdict against Popov will announce on July 16.

interior Ministry announced on the completion of the investigation in the case of “God Kuzi” 19 Sep 2016. Popov and his accomplices charged under articles 159 of the criminal code (“Fraud”) and 239 of the criminal code (“Creation of religious or public Association whose activity involves violence against citizens or otherwise causing harm to their health, and the leadership of such Association”). Popov does not admit his guilt.

In seven apartments, which, according to investigators, are related to his sect, as a result of the raids seized more than 43 million rubles and more than 100 thousand dollars. In addition, it was found specific literature and exotic animals.