“In America, I put thieves on rails”

In the United States in full swing goes loud litigation over the Russian thief in the law Razhdenes Sula, known in criminal circles under the nickname the Razhdenes St. Petersburg, Brother and Roma. According to the investigation, the authority gathered around himself people from the former Soviet Union and created the largest in the United States grouping, which did not disdain anything. The bandits broke into slot machines in the casinos of Atlantic city and Las Vegas, stole money from credit cards, selling weapons and drugs and was not above murder for hire. “the Tape.ru” remembered the story of Brother — thief in law, who always remained in the shadows and has become a real headache for American law enforcement.

About the life of Razhdenes Shula before his departure to the US is little known. He lived in St. Petersburg, studied at the local Finance and economic University and was several times brought to trial for robbery and kidnapping. According to some, already in the late 2000s Shula was well known in the criminal world of Russia not just as an authority and as a supervisor in Petersburg and a Trustee of one of the main thieves in law Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Young).

Razhdenes, on the one hand, tried to follow the thieves ‘ traditions, lived modestly and no one worked. However, in violation of the code of lawyers he was engaged in business and was the founder of several companies. In this regard Shula followed in the footsteps of his father, who was also an entrepreneur. Interestingly, the network walks the graves CHULA senior bolsheokhtinskoye cemetery in St. Petersburg: the monument is executed in the pompous tradition of the authorities of the criminal world, there are traces of arson. Because information about the relationships of the deceased to the underworld no, it is not excluded that to ruin the monument tried the enemies of his son.

Razhdenes Shula had dual citizenship, Russian and Georgian; the latter he received in 2010. Local media reported that the authority Sola in the criminal world of Georgia was so high that he controlled the Georgian prison and had agreed on the appointment of the beholder even after moving to the United States.

However, he and the lawman at every opportunity emphasized its weight in the criminal circles. “Any Georgian, just call my name and I intend to come to Georgia, and they would sit quietly on their Asses,” the said he his interlocutors. Loved to boast Sula in the United States: “In America, I put thieves on rails”, he said, when his conversations are tapped by the local police.

Razhdenes Shula received the title of thief in law relatively recently — in 2013; the ceremony took place in Cyprus. In the summer of the same year it together with the 18 crime bosses from former Soviet Union detained in Europe, but was soon released. Almost immediately after that, Brother went to the USA and started creating a criminal grouping, which included more than 30 people of different nationalities, mostly Russians and Georgians. Gangsters operated in several States — new York, new Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida and Nevada.

For several years, members of organized crime organized several sophisticated criminal schemes. They are used as a classical criminal methods — for example, it was sent to customers of entertainment prostitutes with clonidine, which robbed them, and high-tech — like crack the codes of slot machines in Atlantic city casinos and Las Vegas.

a Large part of the group Brother, as you might guess, lived in new York’s Brighton beach, controlling the business of the Russian-speaking Diaspora. There’s also the criminals organized the illegal clubs to play poker, with some players owing the gangsters at the card table, fell to him in a relationship and practiced the duty of participating in criminal schemes.

as “undermining” the gang members Brother hunted credit card fraud, extortion, drug and arms trade, counterfeiting and theft of goods. By the way, sometimes the bandits kidnapped a pretty unusual items — for example, five tons of chocolate and confectionery products from unattended truck. However, there were groups case and much more serious: among other things, bandits Brother was accused of the crime of conspiracy to commit murder. According to U.S. law enforcement, two members of the OPG agreed to Rob and kill a certain businessman to get his warehouse, several trucks with contraband cigarettes worth a million dollars. Accomplices were detained and arrested immediately after receiving a modest Deposit of a few thousand dollars for two.

As a leader of a large organized crime groups, the brothers had made every effort to look normal law-abiding citizen.

“How many successful new York executives, he lived in the suburbs and had an office in the city. He led a home life in Edgewater (new Jersey), a quiet middle-class town on the Hudson river. From time to time sat in his black Mercedes and drove to Brighton beach (…). Always well-trimmed, wearing glasses and black clothes, Shula looked more of a nerd than the mafia,” the told on the portal longreads.com.

For the showdown with opponents my Brother had a faithful assistant is a native of Georgia, world Boxing champion Avtandil Khurtsidze. If someone pays into the common Fund are insufficient, the authority called boxer. For a temper Khurtsidze got from the coaches nickname Suicide: they said that to fight Avtandil can only be a suicide. Later, in court, the jury was shown a video with his participation: the footage boxer “explains” partners and competitors the leadership position, accompanying his soliloquy with blows to the face or in the stomach.

These scenes was charged the cameras installed in the underground gambling house, which Brother was kept in an apartment above a restaurant on Brighton beach. The camera was intended for the Manager of an institution Alexander Kutsenko could follow gamblers on the screen of your phone. He has already managed to spend 15 years and, as he told police, did not want again to be involved in crime. Kutsenko himself appeared in FBI, and is using his phone to agents in real time, watched the scene in the underground casino — including the Brother and Khurtsidze beat the owner of one of the gaming devices, accusing him of stealing.

Brother arrested in Edgewater, in your own home on the Hudson river from the Windows of which overlook the Manhattan skyline. With him to court was attracted 33 people, including boxer Avtandil Khurtsidze and authority Zurab Janashvili, who was considered the right hand of the Brother. Shortly before the trial Janashvili pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with the investigation. During interrogation he described former boss as “the most powerful man in the Russian speaking world of new York”.

But the defenders Brother, Khurtsidze and other denied the affiliation of customers to the world of thieves, so charges had to put a lot of effort to prove that the founder of the OPG is the kingpin. The catch was in the fact that tattoos in the form of eight-pointed stars, which usually indicate membership in a thieves ‘ bar, on the body of his Brother was not.

Therefore, as the evidence was shown to his shirt and the pouch on the smartphone, which depicted these characters. In addition, the order of the Prosecutor were transcripts of conversations of the authority, where he called himself a thief, witnesses and a couple of photos from thieves symbols. To get all these clues failed despite a conspiracy of members of organized crime groups: “business meeting” they preferred to organize in the baths, where, for obvious reasons, it is difficult to conduct the hidden shooting.

“the Organization Shula recognized by an organized criminal group operating under the guidance and protection of Razhdenes Sula, vor v law or vor — Russian definition, which refers to the name of the elite criminals from the former Soviet Union who receives tribute from other criminals, offer protection, and use your recognised status to resolve disputes among criminals, lower-level — said in an official statement on the website of the court for the southern district of new York. — So the organization Shula has had a significant impact on the underworld and offered assistance and protection to its members. They, like myself Shula, was engaged in widespread criminal activity, including acts of violence, extortion, illegal gambling, fraud in various casino.”

In the same report notes that the jury found the Brother guilty of five charges and he now faces a total of up to 65 years in prison. His accomplice Khurtsidze convicted of computer fraud and could receive up to 20 years in prison. Interestingly, 41-year-old Brother may be the third thief in law with Russian roots, convicted in the United States. The first was the famous Vyacheslav Ivankov (jap), received in 1995 to 9.5 years in prison for extortion; second, the prominent Armenian lawyer Armen Ghazaryan (PZO), sentenced in 2013 to 37 months in prison for financial fraud.