In Chelyabinsk, the migrant-illegal immigrant butchered husky barbecue, and went to court

In Chelyabinsk, killed a dog of breed husky man will be prosecuted. On Wednesday, April 25, reported on the website of the Prosecutor of the Chelyabinsk area.

law Enforcement checked media reports about the murder of a husky. The man who butchered dog spotted on the embankment of the Miass river and detained. Criminal case as regards 1 article 245 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Cruel treatment of animals”), the defendant faces up to three years of imprisonment.

according to the TV channel “360”, the suspect was a foreign national who is illegally in Russia. He admitted his guilt. When giving evidence he said he killed the dog for meat dishes. “Barbecue cook”, he said.

According to the court decision, the detainee was sent to the Centre for temporary detention of foreign citizens and individuals without citizenship GU MVD region where it is located so far.