In Penza cyclist fined for hit on pit road

Penza cyclist Andrei Chikin fined for hitting on pit road and causing her damage. About the Chikin said “the”.

According to Penzance, the incident occurred in November last year, when he returned home from work and flew in unfenced and covered with snow pit road. As a result, the man received bruises and damaged his bike and broke three spokes front wheels and rear derailleur.

“I have this situation outraged, I decided that enough of this pit, we should go to the police. There I was going to fix the road accident fact, and then to seek out who’s responsible for the pothole to compensate for the damage. Did not wait for the police because it was cold, made with witnesses map of the accident and a few days later went to the district Department. In the end, I was called for an explanation and was told that I should get a penalty,” — said Andrei Chikin.

In the decision of the traffic police said that Chikin “did hit a pothole, causing damage.”And brought to administrative responsibility for committing offences under part 2 of article 12.29 of the code of administrative offences (“Violation of traffic Rules by a person driving a bike”) and is subject to the penalty of a fine of 800 rubles.

as a result, fined the cyclist appealed against the decision, saying it does not constitute a hazard or interference to traffic, in addition, no signs about the road works near the pit was not.

“Manufacture on business is stopped in connection with the insignificance of the wrongdoing. Cicinu declared admonishment,” explained “the” the representative of Oktyabrsky district court of Penza Olga Ivashkina.

the Pit on the sidewalk, which flew the cyclist, the utility is still eliminated. But only after he appealed to the city administration.