In Petersburg the thief broke my friend’s nose for a kitten

a Resident of St. Petersburg broke a friend’s nose for refusing to give the kitten. This is stated in a message posted on website the city Prosecutor’s office on Tuesday, March 13.

“According to investigators, the accused in November 2017, being in the apartment of one of houses along the Avenue of Culture, demanded that his friend gave him a five-month-old kitten black-white color, and received a refusal. Thereafter, the accused attacked his friend and stabbed him 2 shot in the face, causing a closed fracture of the nose”, — stated in the message.

Causing harm to health of the victim, earlier repeatedly convicted man took the animal, “dispose of them at its discretion”. Concerning it criminal case under part 1 of article 162 of the criminal code (“Robbery”). The Prosecutor’s office of the Kalinin district approved the indictment in the case, currently it is directed to court for consideration on the merits.