In Stavropol Victor and Vadim blew up businessman’s BMW

UVD the Stavropol territory was declared wanted by the HUMMER and two in the men; they are suspected of murder of the businessman in the capital region. On Friday, June 22, “the” according to a senior source in the regional law enforcement agencies.

on Thursday, June 21, at about 14:20 on Staromaryevskoye highway exploded BMW-X6. Killing driving a car man. Initially it was assumed that the explosion was the result of a technical malfunction of the car, but then the experts found that an improvised explosive device

“When witnesses were able to reconstruct what happened. The car was parked near the house 40, near the gas station, there were two people, the driver and the passenger. The witnesses noticed that the passenger suddenly jumped out of the jeep and ran to the side, then he heard a loud Bang,” — said the source.

According to him, after a few seconds the flames engulfed the car and the explosion.

witnesses at the scene pulled the man from a burning BMW, but arriving paramedics pronounced him dead. Already at the morgue it was found that the man died from the combined mine-blast injury.

View surveillance cameras showed that the passenger jeep ran for a few tens of meters and clearly sat in his waiting HUMMER dark color. Field investigators managed to find out what are two men by the names of Victor and Vadim, who previously convicted, possibly not once, armed and very aggressive.