Majorca Lamborghini swept through Sochi with the speed of the helicopter

Majorca Lamborghini Huracan drove in the tunnel at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour. Videos of the trip on Monday, July 9, published in Instagramaccount majorka_777_. The footage shows a girl driving in a tunnel, driving a car almost to the maximum speed.

In the comments users have noticed that the trip is happening in Sochi. “What a Tiger in the passenger, that’s the spirit! Sitting in the car, which travels 300 is hard, but imagine that even the girl behind the wheel” jokes the user kartoev_963_.

Maximum allowed speed in settlements is 60, outside settlements — 110 km / h. Thus, the incident is subject to part 5 of article 12.9 of the administrative code of Russian Federation (“excess of the established speed of movement”). Violation may be punished by a fine in the amount of five thousand roubles or deprivation of driving license for six months.