Near Ryazan the officers of SOBR eliminated opened fire on them man

Man, all day shoot at the devils, and then opened fire on police and soldiers Regardie liquidated on Wednesday, March 14, in the evening near Ryazan. As reported “” Anzhelika Evdokimova, the official representative of regional investigatory management SK of Russia, now on the scene working investigators conducted preliminary examination as upon attempt at life of law enforcement officers, and in connection with the use of the officers of Regardie weapons.

In the afternoon, the police received a message from inhabitants of village zalisne-Chulkovo that one of the locals in a state of alcoholic intoxication with a hunting rifle goes to his yard, and periodically shoots. “When on a scene there has arrived police, 55-year-old owner locked himself in the house and fired several shots in the direction of law enforcement officers. In response, the officers of Regardie opened fire and eliminated the offender. During the inspection of the scene was discovered a shotgun registered to the man, and ammunition,” — said Evdokimov.

She said that previously the use of weapons by SWAT officers recognized as lawful and legitimate.

As told to “” a source in law enforcement bodies has already been established that the man drank some days, and the neighbors say he is today not just fired the air, and conducted aim fire on him only visible targets, calling them devils. “He was previously convicted for stealing and was brought to trial for hooliganism. However, the gun was officially registered on it. In the yard found many traces of hits and the fraction of rebound, including in the place where at the time of the incident were officers of Regardie”, — said the source.