Red Tarzan sent to prison for the March of naked prostitutes in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg sentenced nationalist Vyacheslav Datsik, ransacked the dens of prostitution. On Monday, March 19, according to “Interfax”.

“Vyacheslav Datsik found guilty and assign a final punishment in the form of imprisonment for a term of three years and six months to be served in a correctional colony of strict regime,” — announced the decision of the judge of Vasileostrovsky court jury Gerszewski.

it is Noted that security measures at the court’s premises was strengthened. Earlier, the Prosecutor asked to sentence the nationalist to five years of imprisonment. Datsik himself, according to the lawyer Andrey Fedortsova, guilt not recognized.

Vyacheslav Datsik, known by the nickname Red Tarzan, was arrested in may 2016. He kicked the door in room St. Petersburg boutique hotel, where he put out in the corridor a woman, then broke into a brothel where prostitutes are forced to strip naked, and drove them down the street to the police station. Nationalist tried to repeat a similar action in another brothel, but was arrested.

In March 2017 Red Tarzan I wanted to swallow one of the documents during familiarization with the materials of their criminal case. Investigators snatched the paper from his mouth, but it is already beyond recovery. In may, he tried to run from the Petrograd district court of St. Petersburg, where he was brought for the decision of a question on prolongation of term of detention.