“Russian Elon Musk” died because of torture and rape in jail

the defendant in a criminal case of embezzlement at Ministry of defence during the construction of the submarine was raped and strangled in the St. Petersburg detention facility. His death gave for trying to kill herself, writes “Novaya Gazeta”.

According to the newspaper, the engineer Valery Wheat died February 5, after the investigation. That day convoy St. Petersburg SIZO No. 4 found him hanging on a cord from the hood with a length of 40 centimeters. The prison officials gave the incident a suicide.

Held in February-March, the forensic medical examination showed that Wheat did not commit suicide but died as a result of injuries. Arrested were tortured, raped, and then strangled. His body was discovered incised and puncture wounds in the mouth — marks from the electric shock, in addition, he had a broken spine.

the Reason why over engineer so abused in prison, remained unclear. But before dying, writes “Novaya Gazeta”, he managed to give his wife three notes with a request to pay nothing.

the Victim, Valery Wheat had been accused in a criminal case of embezzlement in the construction of the submarine “Varshavyanka” for the defense Ministry. He was the owner of the company “Novit About” developing three-dimensional computer model of the boat. In 2016, the businessman suspected his partner and Director Andrei Petrov the theft of millions of money from the accounts of the company and achieved the initiation of criminal proceedings. While in custody, Jones testified against Wheat, and a fellow of Admiralty shipyards Gleb Emelchenkova, accusing them of deliberately overstating the value of the order. The new defendants were arrested, and three weeks later one of them died.