Russian volunteers have offered to work for the Ministry of interior

Head interior Ministry Vladimir Kolokoltsev declared readiness of the Ministry to consider various initiatives of the volunteers — including those related to the monitoring of the Internet on the subject of prohibited information, the prevention of drug abuse and juvenile crime. On Tuesday, July 10, the correspondent of “the”.

the Minister made a statement in the House the Moscow region government in Krasnogorsk, where the First all-Russian forum of rescue units.

“Only in 2017, with the assistance of volunteers, the whereabouts of several thousand people, nearly a third of them minors. You do need a very responsible thing. From you, without exaggeration, depends on someone’s life, especially if we are talking about a missing child,” said the interior Minister in his speech.

Kolokoltsov also awarded service awards for volunteers, particularly distinguished themselves in the search for missing persons. They were awarded with breastplates “For assistance to MVD”.

In turn Igor Komissarov, senior assistant to the Chairman the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) Alexander Bastrykin, on his behalf, expressed gratitude to the members of volunteer movements and voluntary rescue teams.

“in a Timely manner was found missing from the Lipetsk region child and a minor, which left the clinic in Khabarovsk territory and never returned home. Thanks to the help of volunteers in the Orenburg region, was detained the dangerous criminal who has kidnapped a girl and was involved in other crimes,” reminded the Commissioners.