She ate a piece of meat — he killed her

15 June, the court put an end to scary stories, which, without exaggeration, shook the capital region. In 2016 in the Moscow city ozyory killed six-year-old Veronica; foster parents her body was dismembered, burned and the remains scattered around. During the investigation the father of the deceased girl claimed that her daughter drowned in the shower, but they were afraid and decided to get rid of the body. However, investigators very soon doubted in this version, and then was able to prove that the death of a child — not an accident. Almost two years later the Moscow regional court passed sentence, sending both adoptive parents of Veronica in the colony. The details of the investigation was read by the reporter “the” Igor Nadezhdin.

Roman Chernikov and Tatyana Zubareva met in 2003, married a year later. For Roman it was the second marriage from the first he already had a child. After the wedding the young family of 24-year-old husband and 19-year — old wife began to rent a house: his Novel was not, and in a private house Zubarevich on Krasnoflotskaya street in the Lakes the young man did not want to live. He worked in various companies, and the lion’s share of the money was spent to pay the rent. The family tried unsuccessfully to conceive for several years, which resulted in constant criticism on the part of the Novel.

— in the Winter of 2006 I came to him in the rented apartment and saw that Tatyana has opened veins on hands, and the novel is about her and accuses infertility, without even trying to give first aid to his wife, told at the inquest Elena Zubareva, Tatiana’s mother. He clearly smelled of alcohol and when they drink, become very aggressive. I then called the police, and the Novel was taken to the Department. And the daughter herself bandaged hands: we didn’t want the incident became known. Shortly thereafter they decided to adopt a child. But still a novel I remember as I passed him in the drunk tank.

the Older boy, Timothy (name changed), Chernikov adopted the little, at the end of 2007. He was calm and very intelligent child. Encouraged by this experience Chernikov decided to adopt a second child. What we did in the second half of 2010 by choosing one of the orphanages a little girl.

Here it is necessary to digress a little: apparently, children Chernikov adopt not just. The same Elena Zubareva two decades worked at a local child’s nurse, knew about the foundlings, many of the most intimate details that should not have become the property of the adoptive parents, and was friends with leaders of both the house and the Department of guardianship and guardianship. She represented, what payments are based on adoptive parents — and the issue of money in the family of Roman and Tatiana always been urgent.

And even though the inspection did not reveal the abuse to adoption, the testimony of many participants in the process suggest it at this point. For example, despite the highly secret protected by the law of adoption, all close friends of the family knew that the children are adopted. Elena Zubareva frankly told how he stopped to chat with the boss of the local Department of guardianship on the street, and indeed the boss in the readings spoke of a long acquaintance with the family, and many of its internal problems.

the adoption Process girls went to completion, and the case has been submitted to the court for a final decision, when in September 2010 Tatiana Chernikova told my husband and parents that finally, after six years of trying, she got pregnant. In October 2010 the court rendered a decision to adopt girls, and in March 2011 in the family Chernikovich a daughter Oksana (name changed), who became the third formally, and in fact the first child in the family.

the Girl Pauline was born on may 2, 2010. She was the eleventh child of a woman who abused alcohol, with a history of syphilis and abandon the girls in the hospital. Shortly after birth the baby was taken to children’s home, and in the fall she was adopted Tatiana and Roman Chernikov, residents of Moscow city Ozery. According to the decision of the court of the child have changed all the data, and from that day Pauline became Veronika Romanova Chernikova.

the Adoption went fast and smooth: Chernikovich already had an adopted son, wife’s pregnancy was not yet visible, of the comments of the bodies of guardianship and guardianship was not, and the absence of own housing impediment did not, as a formal family showed that they will live in a private house owned by the parents of Tatiana.

Veronica is still in the house the child was diagnosed with a heart defect: formally, it was considered seriously ill. The babe has moved to her new parents. And soon conducted by family screening showed no heart defect the child has no, syphilis is completely cured in the child’s home, and signs of complications have been identified.

As required by law, for the birth (adoption) of the second child’s parents were on the parent capital, as well as one-time (100 thousand rubles for each), and monthly (a little more than 10 thousand each) payments. The requirement was bona fide parenting adopted kids.

Almost all the witnesses, including the mother of Tatiana, the kids ‘ grandmother, saying the same thing: since the birth of my own daughter each and Chernikov was not needed — says the captain of justice Sergey Stroitelev, the investigator for particularly important cases of the Main investigative Committee of Russia (SKR) across Moscow region. Is seen including photos: native daughter is well-maintained, stowed, in her ears, beautiful earrings — and the second girls clothing faded, unkempt, jewelry no. His daughter is sleeping on a clean and new linen — the other girl in faded and looks untidy sheet.

Even in the photos from the crime scene examination can accurately determine which slept his daughter, and any adopted children. Meanwhile, each defendant seeks to exaggerate the flaws of his victim. So, Chernikov claimed that nick was prone to theft, mentally unbalanced, unruly, it was regularly examined by the psychiatrists and even called diagnoses — autism, although, formally, to put it only after seven years, and schizophrenia.

At the same time, evaluations of teachers, Veronica was open, sociable, very active and without any physical and psychological disabilities. At the age of two she was dressed and ate, her speech was well developed — even not for years good. No one has ever complained that she stole something, she didn’t have any serious conflicts or fights with other children.

And nick was more drawn to adults, and it was obvious that the house she lacked normal communication. She was a touchy — but very forgiving, long the offense could not. “Physical and mental disorders during kindergarten, the child is not seen, the girl was developed in accordance with age, self-help skills was formed”, —stated in the materials of the criminal case.

Since the beginning of the visit Veronica kindergarten, I began to notice that the girl often slovenly dressed, clothes, generally, were unwashed, the child proceeded unpleasant from the point of view of personal hygiene smell, — said at the inquest one of the nurses. For this reason many times I talked to her mom, Tatiana Chernikova, said he collected the dirty things Veronica that need to be washed. Tatiana reacted to remarks adequately, things washed, but then everything went back to its original position, that is, after some time Veronica continued to lead in dirty clothes.

the Child was able to walk in the same clothes for weeks, gave testimony from another teacher. — And always came in worn dresses and underwear. Often on the body were found bruises, sometimes on the neck and legs were visible rope marks. Veronica told me that her parents are beaten, forced to sleep in the kennel of the dog, shut in a room alone, tied to bed and not floating in the toilet. And when she, standing tied, written on the floor, her flogged and now forced to stand in a plastic bowl, so she’s not peeing on the carpet. For this reason I have repeatedly made memoranda the head of the kindergarten.

a Third teacher said: if the younger, a daughter in a family of Roman and Tatiana, was always dressed for the season in clean and tidy clothes, the nick always wore faded things. In the winter she never had mittens, winter jacket, it led to severe frosts, and in spring, on the contrary, she wore a long winter coat.

On the comments of her parents didn’t react, and we ourselves prefer not to mess with them, as they, especially the father was very conflicted people, — said the teacher during the investigation. Even at first glance it was obvious that the girls in the family was very different.

According to the teachers, nick often talked about the feast that was arranged by her parents. But his father often brought the girl drunk. While his pencils and paper Nicky had never had she bought through the parent Committee, the money in which the family Chernikovich never give up. And all teachers say that Veronica constantly came to the garden and hungry with a big appetite ate everything. Externally, the girl looked not just thin, but emaciated.

December 30, 2014 in the kindergarten was a matinee, to which both girls are thoroughly prepared, — says the investigator for particularly important cases of the Stroitelev. But the parents of that day brought only the youngest daughter. And the eldest remained at home, although long prepared for the occasion. Family carers explained that the girl was punished. In fact, from that day she garden not visited, as the father, it became known that from-for found bruises and rope marks, the teachers began to complain. The younger girl continued to walk into the garden as if nothing had happened.

By the time Chernikov decided their housing problem: after my father died, Tatiana (father-in-law of the Novel) they moved to her parents ‘ house on Krasnoflotskaya street. Some time lived together with the mother, but the systematic drunken quarrels over the fact that Elena Zubareva went to live with relatives. After some time Chernikov for maternity capital has bought a room in a communal flat — and sent the grandmother of the children to live there. However, the property was registered to a Novel — but the woman at least had a roof over my head, even with the three neighbors.

Every person accused of murder must undergo special psychological and psychiatric examination. Doctors who have studied the behavior of Roman Chernikov, found him completely sane. But in the conclusions recorded one sentence that explains his behavior — as in the day of death of Nicky, and generally in his life: “self-centered, vindictive, prone to self-assertion in a circle of dependent and weak individuals, with the worsening on the background of the systematic use of alcohol. From the intelligent load gets tired quickly”.

on 1 April 2016 in the Lakes was warm for spring weather: plus five degrees. Day Chernikov decided to make a barbeque and it took vodka. After a lunch of meat, and put into a bowl.

According to the version of the investigation, based on collected bit by bit the evidence, after the food is Roman Chernikov, who drank at least 350 grams of vodka, he noticed that Veronica without demand took a piece of meat and tried to eat it. He reacted aggressively, grabbed the girl by the head and began to shove into her mouth pieces of kebab, while not letting go, and giving time to chew. And then he dumped the girl and left. Pieces of the same, according to the case photos, Chernikov has always done great, explains investigator Stroitelev.

At the conclusion of the complex forensic examination, the girl’s death was caused by mechanical asphyxia caused by the overlap of the respiratory tract to meat in an amount of not less than two.

— Sam Chernikov called the incident an accident, saying that did not want to kill, but simply carried out educational work, — said the investigator Stroitelev. Because after eating, pull the skewers off the table bad. And that meat took the girl, who was not yet five years old, he doesn’t care.

Only a few minutes, a drunk Roman noticed that her daughter is on the porch without moving. He grabbed her in his arms and carried her into the bathroom and put in shower stall. And when I arrived called Tatyana Chernikova’s grandmother, said nick again peed, she was sent to wash, and she’s in the shower petered out. At the same time, pretending to be trying to help the girl, Roman Chernikov for a long time did not admit it to anyone. Although the grandmother of the child — care workers with more seniority.

— it was she, the witness, pointed to the fact that there is no water in the lungs the child was not, but his windpipe, she pulled two pieces of kebab and some chewed meat, — said the investigator.

Visiting grandmother tried to call an ambulance, but drunk Chernikov forbade her to do so. He sent children to their room to watch cartoons, and he carried the body to the barn. Children, he said that nick went to a sanatorium. Wife and mother-in-law three days have not left the house in the investigation they first said that a drunk Roman, they were not released, but then confessed that just they themselves were afraid to see people.

— As stated, Chernikov dismembered body of a child and five days burning it in construction tub, which stood on the site, — says the captain of justice Stroitelev. — Then put the ashes in bags from under the coal and, together with his wife were taken to different districts of the Moscow region, where scattered along the roadsides. These places are established, in addition, some of the ash was discovered at the scene.

and then… And then the couple Chernikovich was coded from alcoholism and in June opened his own business: he set up a small fast food outlets and began to deliver “fast food” in customers. On 21 July the local newspaper even published a great interview with Tatiana Chernikova. In it a woman said her children love the new thing, invented by parents, and they are happy to help her. “In the name of my youngest daughter,” — said the newly minted entrepreneur. Strange to read these words, knowing that by the time nick was not only dead, but her ashes literally scattered in the wind.

meanwhile, September was at hand — during routine inspection of the living conditions of adopted Nicky. And then Chernikov came up with a script.

Sixth of August in the Lakes celebrated the city day. Him Chernikov decided to send the mother-in-law with two children, and she had to tell everyone that nick has eaten too much pears, and are unable to go to the feast, — says Sergey Stroitelev. Tonight Tatiana had to say that left the girl alone in the room, and she went to feed the chickens. But when she returned, discovered the disappearance of the child and immediately raised the alarm. For reliability a few days in the form of a game taught to the children — Timothy and his daughter — to tell stories about Nick.

the fact that their daughter was missing, Chernikov reported to the police August 7 through 126 days after the murder. All night Chernikov, operatives and brought them volunteers searched for “gone home” nick. In the morning it was a criminal case: as is customary in the case of the disappearance of minors, under article 105 of the criminal code “Murder”: the legislation allows to carry out complex quickly-search actions only in a criminal case.

Divers combed the bottom located next to the fire pond, the volunteers of the neighbouring forest. The police watched the CCTV footage on the track and in Kolomna detained a suspicious man who allegedly was interested in young girls. But here the role played by the social network: one of metabolic rehabilitation center learned at pictures of nick and wrote that the girl — each and, most importantly, could become a victim of domestic violence. Only then it turned out that the girl was regularly beaten dad and the teachers saw the bruises. For some unknown reason, earlier this information the police didn’t arrive.

three days later, the night of 11 August, investigators hold both Chernikovich. For a long time, both claim that her daughter simply went without asking. They believe: “no body, no case”. But the investigation has doubts about this version, and bit by bit gathering the facts. Able to quickly set — Chernikov in the details lie. With their backs against the wall, they are recognized. And then it turns out that since the death of the child was more than four months.

However, in the beginning both claim that nick died in the accident, but they were afraid and just hid the body. But the investigator Stroitelev step by step managed to break and this version by installing the true circumstances of the death of the little Nicky.

the Role of poor parents, crushed by his daughter’s disappearance, the husband and wife wanted to play to the end. After the arrest Chernikovich in the smartphone Tatyana finds the video, which most likely was supposed to be a suicide note to the family.

From the materials of the criminal case:

When viewed from the smartphone, in particular, found the video dated 13 hours 16 minutes 08.08.2016. During video playback the screen displays the image Chernikova, Etc. in the atmosphere of salon of the car on the front passenger seat. The video is on the camera of the mobile device that Chernikova T. P. holds in his hands, directing the camera lens at yourself. While Chernikova T. P. says the following monologue:

“I Want to tell my mom, Oksana, Timothy, that we much love. Left we did the deed, only that now it is impossible to endure it. Because the whole town says she’s adopted that she was hurt. Yes, she adopted. You never lived with such a child. God forbid you such a child to see. To kill we did not kill her, will not go. Can in a short time there, I hope. Just leave the children alone and the mother. Let them live in peace. Let it educate them. We love you so much. Forgive us, please. Everything.”

the head of the Department of guardianship and guardianship of city ozyory Olga alenina was a long-time friend Elena Zubareva. And although her respond is very good, the materials of the criminal case testify to odd (at least) the behavior of Aleninoy in the family Chernikovich. Every year, the bodies of guardianship and guardianship are required to verify a family and to be relevant acts. They should indicate what mental state recorded on the day of inspection the child the way he’s dressed, in what conditions there lives as characterized by. To the material test, be sure to attached photos.

For three years Olga alenina never planned inspection Timothy and Nicky did not come, and the pictures she sent relatives of adopted children. Twice, in the spring of 2014 and in January 2015, it is referred to its old, since 1995, a friend. Elena Zubareva, the grandmother of the children. She cited specific cases of abuse with Nike — but both times alenina did not take written statements, and verify the statement came myself, but any papers not accounted for and stroke this information is not given. “Checking alenina spent no more than five to ten minutes, even the girl was not examined, did not check her toys” — is listed in the testimony and the accused, and witnesses.

And yet twice the bruises on the body of Veronica, she was told the kindergarten teachers. And once, they even gave the record a conversation with a girl who told you in detail how and than beating her father, how it binds to the stairs of the two-storey beds, forcing one to put on the floor of the pelvis. “Dad punished me — the hand tied to the stairs of the bed and was not allowed nowhere to retreat. But when I wanted to write, brought a basin and told me to pee in it. I picked up some candy and dad saw it, put the cake on the floor and told me to eat like a cat. I cried, and he took the belt in his hands and began to shout at me,” said nick.

the testimony of all the neighbors Zubarevich and Chernikovich talking about the same thing: every weekend the house was a feast, accompanied by drunken scandals, often lasted until dawn. The content of the claims was heard three neighboring streets. “I personally have never seen Chernikovich drunk, although acquainted with the family since 2007. Complaints of this kind are not received,” — said during the interrogation, Olga alenina. Although the case materials were already protocols in which the kindergarten staff, and family Chernikovich, passing witnesses in the case, saying: reported repeatedly. Alenina and promised to take all measures. But didn’t do anything. Suburban division RCDS filed against Aleninoy a criminal case of negligence and sent it to the court. The verdict is not yet rendered.

nick was killed on 1 April 2016, a month before his sixth birthday. Roman Chernikov is guilty or not guilty and from the judgment of the jury refused, hoping for leniency of the legal profession. He was convinced and has repeatedly said: “no body, No case.”

the Investigation did a great job: despite the lack of body Nicki, was able to collect objective evidence and long-term abuse of the girl, including find recordings of her stories about how she was beaten, to locate the personal belongings of the girl with traces of blood, to collect data on a systematic and very cruel punishment of the child. Was conducted more than 30 examinations, interviewed 100 witnesses. Each of them said something important. The investigator Stroiteleva bit by bit managed to recover almost all my life little Nicky. The court, having studied all the materials, recognized each evidence separately and all the complex compelling.

on 15 June the Moscow regional court sentenced Roman Chernikov for 17 and a half years colony with restriction of liberty for one year on charges of murder of a minor daughter, the improper execution of duties on education of the child and for the torture of the baby. Tatiana Chernikova for the same crimes, except for murder, sentenced to 5.5 years in a General regime colony. In addition, it in the Federal budget collected 36 thousand rubles, her husband — 52.8 thousand rubles.

Alas, the fate of Timothy and Oksana Chernikova not yet resolved. Children are under foster care and can return to his family. In the same one where not only deprived of a child’s life, but also taught the other children to lie. Just because the issue of deprivation of parental rights of husband and wife to the Prosecutor before court and not set.

And this is the worst thing in all of this sad history.