Sobyanin replaced the cops on electric motorcycles

Mayor Sergei Sobyanin transferred the capital management traffic police 30 electric motorcycles “IZH pulsar” and four electric cars, “ovum.” On Wednesday, June 13, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

“Moscow will be the first European city in which service will carry the battalion of the traffic police, a fully equipped electric vehicle,” said the mayor when visiting the training ground in Aparinki.

According to the mayor, the police will start using electric motorcycles during the world Cup.

“I think they’ll survive. It is important to work for them in the competition area, parks in the city centre. Try it, if it fits, let them buy and beyond,” Sobyanin promised to the traffic police.

electric motorcycles “IZH pulsar” is mainly produced from domestic components the concern “Kalashnikov”, said TASS. They are 100% organic, they are completely absent in the exhaust emissions into the atmosphere.

in addition, they have low noise, convenient for operation in residential neighborhoods. Moreover, electric motorcycles low maintenance costs: the cost of 100 kilometers is from 13 to 36 rubles, and diesel motorcycle — 236 rubles.