Stole the mortar and armor of the former captain of the Navy was put on ten years

In St. Petersburg court sentenced to ten years in prison the former captain of the Navy Alexander Kushnarev who stole from the military unit, the mortar and armor, as well as staged rowdy shooting at people. About it reports the United press service of the courts of Petersburg (OPS). Kushnarev will serve his sentence in colony, also he shall pay a fine in the amount of 150 thousand rubles.

the court found, in February last year Kushnarev infiltrated into the technical territory of the military unit 09703-R, using the bolt cutters bite shackle padlock the front door of the store and stole the armament of the 82-mm mortar 2Б14-1 value of 760 thousand rubles.

In may and June the captain snuck into the premises of the Interregional Patriotic youth public organization “Valkyrie” and stole a set of metal armor, chain mail and a quiver of arrows for a total amount of more than 90 thousand rubles.

In early August, Kushnarev, in the territory of garage cooperative, threatened people with hunting weapons and even fired several shots in their direction.