Surrounded by Syrian military massively surrendered to militants

A detachment of the Syrian army, surrounded by the town of Harast in the north-east of Damascus, surrendered to the militants. The video is published by the Directorate 4 Telegram-channel, which specializes in the review of terrorist activities.

“Ahrar ash-Sham” groupings (prohibited in Russia) and “Failak ar-Rahman” operate in the region. They managed to turn the city and its environs into a well-fortified stronghold in East Gut. The city also has a base of armored vehicles from the Syrian army, but it was cut off from supply by land and is under siege.

Continuous attacks by militants in the last week led to large losses among government troops: it is reported that 100 dead, including several generals and colonels. In this case, the militants themselves claim 400 dead enemies.

The Syrian command is preparing a large-scale operation to free the base. In the meantime, the positions of the militants regularly bomb the Syrian Air Force with the support of the Russian military space agency.