Syria has lost two more generals

In Syria, five brigadier generals were killed in eight days. This is on Sunday, January 7, reports the Telegram-channel WarJournal, engaged in the analysis of armed conflicts.

According to the channel, on Sunday died Brigadier General of the Syrian Army (Syrian Arab Army, SAA) Haider Hassan, nicknamed Cheetah. He was seriously wounded a few days ago during the fighting for a military base in the Syrian city of Harast, located northeast of Damascus.

On January 3, another general, Ibrahim Yunus Dabrah, was reported to have died. He also died as a result of fighting in Harast.
Earlier it became known that during the clashes with militants in the area, three brigadier generals were killed: Habib Mahrez Younis, Mohamed Dzhenad and Ali Diopa, who was commander of the 138th tank battalion of the Republican Guard of Syria.

In October 2017, it was reported that one of the most famous generals of government forces, who played a significant role in the civil war, was killed in Syria, Isaam Zakhreddin. He was responsible for the defense of Deir-ez-Zor and was blown up on a mine in the area of ​​Hovejat-es-Sakr.