The BMW driver beat the woman in front of her children and escaped prison

the driver of the BMW, a 45-year-old Ruslan loaches who attacked a woman with children in the centre of Moscow for touching his car, was sentenced to correctional labor. On Tuesday, March 13, said “the” senior assistant head of the capital’s Central Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) Yulia Ivanova.

“the Verdict Loaches sentenced to six months of corrective works with deduction of 20 percent of earnings to the state. The court also satisfied the civil suit of the victim with vianova recovered compensation for moral damages in the amount of 30 thousand rubles”, — she said.

the Incident happened on the morning of 5 may 2017. Loaches behind the wheel of the BMW X5 were moving through unregulated pedestrian crossing in the 1st Vrazhskaya lane. He did not give way the woman with two children of ten and eight years.

the Woman tried to draw the attention of the driver of the violation and touched the body of the car. Loaches parked his car, caught up with the woman and struck her with his fist at least two times in the region of the forearm, accompanying their actions with obscene language.