The court arrested in absentia of the author of fake about 300 dead in Kemerovo

In Moscow arrested in absentia Ukrainian prankster who spread fake about 300 dead during a fire in Kemerovo. On Wednesday, March 28, according TASS with reference to the press service of the Basmanny court.

“the Court has satisfied the petition of the investigator about the arrest in absentia of the citizen of Ukraine Nikita Kuvikova (known as the prankster Evgeny Volnov, — ed. “Of the”)”, — noted in press service.

According to the Interfax, the decision of the investigator of Kulikov declared in the international search.

Investigative Committee opened against the Ukrainian prankster, a criminal case under article 282 (“inciting hatred or enmity”). Kuvikova was accused of “public dissemination of false information about the number of victims of a fire in the Kemerovo with the purpose to mislead the relatives of the victims and to destabilize the situation in the region.” For the offense he faces a fine in the amount from 300 thousand to 500 thousand roubles or imprisonment for the term from two up to five years.

Volnov published a recording of a telephone conversation with employees of the Kemerovo morgue on its YouTube channel on March 25. He introduced himself as the medical examiner and told the interlocutors that the we can expect not less than 300 bodies of victims of a fire in a shopping centre, “Winter cherry”. After that, the social networks and messengers spread information about similar losses. Later, the prankster said, what “counted” 300 victims, analyzing the number of seats in cinemas.