The court refused to return the rights Mare Baghdasaryan

Dorogomilovsky court of Moscow dismissed the claim of stritreysery Mara Baghdasaryan to the Metropolitan police demanding the return of her driver’s license. On Friday, may 18, announced RAPE press Secretary of the court Anastasia Tatarola.

the Girl asked to invalidate the refusal to issue a driver’s license and oblige the Police to correct the violation of rights and freedoms.

In March 2017, the court for life stripped Baghdasaryan driver’s license due to discovered she has epilepsy. In addition, she was sentenced to a year of corrective works for a fake sick leave, which she provided at the beginning of 2017 to avoid compulsory work assigned to her by the court for tens of overdue fines.

After the deprivation of rights, three times he was arrested driving the car in Moscow. The first time it happened in the summer of 2017. Her attorney argued that speaker was just asked pit a car and by the time of her detention she has not yet managed to budge. The court fined stritreysery 15 thousand rubles. Then she was accused of driving without a license in November of the same year, and also punished fine. The last time the traffic police stopped Baghdasaryan on the night of 31 March 2018 at the Leningrad Avenue in the Mercedes.