The day of the death “Russian Elon musk” in prison filmed on video

the Last day of the life of a businessman Valeria Wheat, known by the nickname “Russian Elon Musk”, caught on CCTV footage. Footage on Friday, April 20, publishes

In the day when Wheat was found hanged, he got up at six in the morning and half an hour later had Breakfast. At 07:10 one of his cellmates were taken to court. At 9:05 employees on duty examined naked from the waist up prisoners for damage. During the inspection of Wheat talked quietly with the guard.

After changing the bedding, and another bypass, 12:16, businessman taken out for a walk. He put on his jacket and confidently walked in the gallery towards the stairs leading to the hallway and then to the yard. Walked one prisoner was silent, only shook hands with the duty. For trips, the businessman skipped lunch counter, returned to the camera only in 13.42. Almost immediately his second cellmate, a migrant from Kyrgyzstan, led to the investigation office. At this time Wheat was sitting on the bed and read.

At 15:58 inspector brought the migrant into the camera, opened the door and saw the body of a businessman with lace on the neck. He cut the cord, ran and pressed the panic button in the hallway. 16:05 the nurse pronounced him dead with a preliminary diagnosis of “Mechanical asphyxia. Death before arrival”.

According to in the interrogations after the death of Wheat both of his cellmate, gave similar testimony: stated that at first he was in a good mood, but gradually began to mrachnye. According to the neighbor, one businessman said that he will be all right “next life”.

As told to “Fontanka” the head of the Federal penitentiary service in Petersburg and Leningrad region Igor Potapenko, two hours, while the entrepreneur was in cell one, the neighbors heard the noise and shouting, testifying to torture. At the same time in the prison there was a power cut, and hence the camera. Previously voiced theory that Sam Wheat provoked circuit, trying to commit suicide with the help of a boiler.

Entrepreneur and engineer Valery Wheat found dead in jail No. 4 St. Petersburg 5 Feb. As reported by “Novaya Gazeta” with reference to the results of the examination that caused his death were inflicted injuries. The arrested man allegedly beaten, tortured and raped. FSIN added that in the process of checking all the prison officials and the prisoners passed on the analysis of semen samples.

Wheat was arrested on suspicion of embezzlement of budget funds for the development of three-dimensional models of submarines of project 636 “Varshavyanka” for Ministry of defence. On these submarines is the very latest navigation equipment, resulting in greater secrecy. The project is considered one of the most successful Soviet and Russian underwater shipbuilding. Friends and colleagues called Wheat “the Russian Elon Musk”.