The elders at the mosque

Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN) of Russia for the third year sounded the alarm in connection with growth of radical Islam in the colonies. There were more likely to get the extremists from Central Asia who imposed their ideology to other prisoners. In order to cope with the situation, the captors appealed to the spiritual administration of Muslims. “the” talked with representatives of the Islamic clergy and convicted to learn how to live faithful in the “green” areas — places of deprivation of liberty with a significant proportion of Muslims.

— I would not say that the Muslims set their own rules in the colonies, as is often said, — says Igor, now serving a term in a penal colony in Mordovia. Just one of them climbs, they tend to stick together. There are Muslims, radical or not — I do not know. I first heard that such zones are “green” called. Honestly.

He called in the evening. As we talked with him, heard the voices of other prisoners, who, judging by the snatches of conversation, ready to drink tea.

I’m sitting in this place, in this camp, where they [Muslims] are a bit — continues to Igor, Here is some repeat offenders. Many Muslims where you are parohody. Previous time I was in that colony in Pskov, so there is a lot of them. In the unit one hundred people, including 40 Muslims were. From 2008 to 2014 I was there. They’re all together: he was there we have one room, try a prayer there to do, look so as not to disturb anyone. Can ask: if possible, we pray. You say “the red” [under the influence of the administration], “black” [under the influence of the authorities]… are all Muslims try to follow the rules: they are not interested in this system, this world — they have religion. They are not trying to influence or anything…

According to Igor, the conflict between the ordinary prisoners and Muslims happen “because of the different things”, but still the prisoners try not to provoke each other, and to “live amicably”.

I heard that in some camps there were skirmishes of a global nature, the source continues, “of the” — But we are in prison, there have been invented from time immemorial that no matter what decisions are made by the thieves. Muslims live according to its laws and not cross the line. They realize that in their concepts.

However, said the prisoner, in case of conflict, the JAMA’at — the community of Muslims stands up for her, do not give offense, regardless of whether he is right or not.

— From the Slavs, for example, some cards will be lost, schools will cut, in short, the weaker ones go to them [for muslimana] for protection, accept Islam and change their names. In my memory two or three people were. Well, talked to them, explained. Operatives, the administration, everyone knows, and they [the converts to the new faith] were isolated to clashes it was not. So try not to touch them, so as not to bring this up [to the conflict]. Of course, not because they are afraid to contact, no. Just they have their own life. There are people with different interests, why am I going to contact them, I’m not interested. Of course, I will not intentionally provoke a conflict. Sitting in the same room, so why fight one another?

Director of the center for social rehabilitation and adaptation of convicts in Kazan Azat Gainutdinov converted to Islam in prison, while serving time for robbery and extortion.

— 19 years old was I when I received 12 years of a strict mode, in my youth it was. For me it was like the end of the world: thought to hang himself — it is impossible to describe, he recalls.

While he was in jail Tajik-roommate caught on drugs, taught the young Azat prayers, and in the colony, the neophyte went to the mosque.

I’m a Tartar, always felt themselves to be Muslim. Still people sooner or later by turning to God. Will come — with God will communicate, and it becomes easier on the soul, — says Azat.

the Prison, the Imam leading the prayer, the head of the community — condemned the Muslims choose for themselves. As explains a source “ru”, it needs to be reasonable, diplomatic, and with the administration could talk with the prisoners.

— article not look — people can and murder to sit in, and for fraud. There the criminals are. Well, how we choose leaders, so is there, — says Azat.

Of the 12 years he spent four years, the victims “went to meet him,” and he could be released early. It happened in 2004. Since 2005 Azat began to help the freed Muslims to engage in their rehabilitation, to employ.

Through rehabilitation I passed the guy, I was not able to employ, — says Azat. He’s a former Hitman named Snowball. In the area adopted Islam, were freed a Muslim. Who will take on the job? It’s got eight episodes, has served 16 years. I took it to work, I have half a year normally worked, create a family, he begot a daughter. The car had now, he somehow is moving slowly.

the case adds that the official imams are wary of prison, especially if the person was convicted of extremism.

Abdullah was freed, comes to the mosque, but the Imam shies away from him and said let’s do somehow, get out of here, we don’t want trouble with you, — says Azat. And he enters the field of view of power structures, it is constantly in control of what keeps it in suspense. Or goes to radical groups. They say: “you see, Abdullah, you do not need anyone except us. Come to us, brother, we will not abandon you, life is short, we are there waiting houris, Paradise!” And here Abdullah finished product for radicals.

Azat believes that the extremists in the area, and will need to work and not to fight.

— Each radical under scrutiny — says, “the” employee of the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Tatarstan Marcel Mingaleev, responsible for work with prisoners and interaction with the FPS. — They are not allowed in the mosque in the colonies. Not allowed to communicate with other Muslims, to isolate, to limit their influence. In controversy, they do not come, listen, consider themselves to be illegally convicted, but problems with them does not arise.

According to him, in the Republic of 15 colonies and SIZO, each institution fixed Imam. He comes and speaks with the prisoners, agree on the candidate selected by the prison Imam.

— We do not call him Imam, he is a senior at the mosque. In each colony, and the detention center is running a prayer room or a house. FSIN is beneficial to the congregation followed traditional Islam, — said Mingaleev.

the head of Department on work with the armed forces, law enforcement and the prison service of the Spiritual administration of the Russian Federation (DUM RF) Shamil-Hazrat Arslanov, across Russia 30-35 per cent of all prisoners — Moslems.

the Problem appeared long ago, but the wide publicity it received a few years ago, explains Arslanov is that people come together in prisons, it is normal. In the word “Jamaat” there is nothing illegal, extremist or radical, it is in Arabic means “community”, the “group”. The negative side of this is that Jamaat can unite people with radical views that are contrary to traditional Islam.

All this is not in women’s prisons.

Never heard of “green” female of the colony and Jamaat among women. This is not, — said Shamil-Hazrat.

the Radicals deny the concept of thieves, rules of internal order in prison or prison, they rigidly defend their views, so many join them in order to receive protection and to be part of the group, — said Shamil-Hazrat. And the official clergy, the radicals, too, may not recognize. Was a case that came to the Imam in jail and he was arrested said, “You’re not a real Imam, because you’re free”. They have such a thing: if you are the Imam, you have to be in the opposition, needs to be a Martyr, you have to put, power is evil. But of course, such stories are rare.

Another view of the prisoners — Muslims, who have mixed Islam and the concept of thieves.

— As it happens — I do not understand, — continues the source “ru”. He can pray, to do all the rituals, and at the same time be a cell or continued [prison hallway]. Adherence to the rules of the underworld against Islam. A Muslim must be loyal, and if he does not comply with the adopted laws in this country — so he does not follow the precepts of the Koran. Many people mistakenly think that the state of unbelievers, so that its laws Muslims can not abide. And so take and radicalism, and honour among thieves.

About inmates who have honour among thieves interfere with radicalism, told and Azat.

Shout “Allah Akbar!”, prayer do not make post not comply. And sometimes, prayer does, but smokes and stalls gangster holds. If a person begins to understand Islam, you gradually change your lifestyle, go thieving habits, he says.

Not long ago, the network appeared information about a “green suit “Islamic brotherhood””, which allegedly does not adhere to the prison of concepts and goes against thieves. According to the interlocutor “of the”, basically write about it, bloggers, “experts” and coaches commentators who have never been to the colonies and did not communicate with this category of prisoners.

— it is not true and overblown into an elephant fly. Even if there were isolated instances of conflict, it was all razrulivaet, — says Azat. The conflicts with Muslims have focused too much on. I’m not saying that in Islam there is no “frostbite” there are radicals and re-convert to Islam, who’s throwing gang signs, such there are conflicts. It all affects all Muslims, it is all because of the ignorance of religion. Over time, if you give them the correct Islam, Muslim will not go to the conflict, it will be well to treat the inmates with him. There were cases of minor clashes with the administration on the basis of the time of namaz, fasting, inspections during prayer. It’s the little things that are easily solved.

In February it became known that the Federal penitentiary service suggested clergy together to deal with radicalism, which grows in colonies and SIZO with the flow of convicted extremists and terrorists. Now in Russian prisons serving sentences of 29 thousand citizens of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

— There are plenty of other sects of Islam that are beginning aggressively to influence the internal situation in places of imprisonment, — has explained the first Deputy of Director FSIN of Russia Anatoly Rudy. — We have fascists, nationalists — we know how to work with them. But with those who preach an aggressive form of Islam, truly not able to work.

According to him, in Russia there is no official “green” zones, but the attempts to create them have already been. In 2016 in the Republic of Khakassia happened a riot in one of the colonies. The assailants were Muslims. One of the requirements was to allow them to pray at any time of the day. Representatives of the local FSIN emphasized, then, that in Khakas colonies 50 percent of prisoners are Muslim.

— 50 Percent panic the FPS high. I would not say that the situation with radicalism in the colonies as critical — it is, but it is not overwhelming. At the same time, we may not have complete information, — said Shamil-Hazrat Arslanov.

According to Arslanova, Muslim organizations are working with the FSIN of Russia on the territory of the whole country, but each operates independently. For example, there is the Spiritual administration of Muslims (DUM), Central spiritual administration of Muslims (tsdum), the DUMAS of Tatarstan, the DOOM of Chechnya, Ingushetia, DUM, DUM KBR and so on.

— In some regions, there are representative offices of several Muslim organizations, and here the FPS rests in such a problem: they don’t know with whom to work — explains Arslanov. — My personal opinion on this matter: the clergy would do well to unite at least for cooperation with the Federal penitentiary service, to have had no such problems and was understanding in the interaction.

According to him, the second problem is that the imams of the clergy do not want to work in prisons. In Chuvash Republic the representative of the Federal penitentiary service (assistant chief of the territorial management body in the organization of work with believers), complained to the local clergy: he invited imams in the colony, but no one wanted to come to the prisoners. Then he asked me to send him background information about fasting and the month of Ramadan, passages from the Koran and quotes from the prophet Muhammad that he could tell that convicted Muslims.

But it’s a shame! Sometimes the clergy did not understand the importance of educating prisoners, — says Shamil-Hazrat. — Need competent preachers who know radical movements and principles of traditional Islam and can the believers explain this difference. Radicalism and extremism is spreading only at the expense of ignorance. You need to focus on education. In Islam there is no call to violence, murders. To kill the unbeliever — there is no such call. Even if it is in the text of the Qur’an, we must look at entire context, not one citation. Therefore, clergy need to explain not only Muslim believers, but everyone else, as today almost all the media gives a false understanding of Islam.

— Many imams do not want to work in the colonies, echoed Arslanov Azat Gainutdinov. — So he went to the Majlis, where he was fed, and even money given. And in the areas of the pies are not fed, there is a lot of work, there is need to work with people to there maniacs did not come out. ROC great set of this work, why Muslims have no such?

One Imam suggested this idea: most of the work carried out not by radicals — it is sometimes impossible to reach, and with those whom they can influence, with doubters who still can to return to the fold of traditional Islam. And if you are not engaged in their education, their minds will it take to recruiters, believes Shamil-Hazrat.

But Azat Gainutdinov believes that radicals should not give up. Now they are isolated in colonies.

They, angry at life and say, “We for our beliefs planted, schemyat us, even in prayer rooms are not allowed! Brethren, we must endure!” — says the source “”. — That ground. Radicals at work is not allowed, in isolation hold. There in the basement in monitoring crew shut down, they’re each other’s brains washed and even more radicalized. They should be treated. If he’s crazy and tells everyone “I’m going to explode” then after 10-15 years he’ll be back in society? They are from the colony even more pissed out. It is a time bomb: he gets used to the cage, he has nothing to lose, no family, no children. He does not care at all — he’s a zombie. And then to expect — we don’t even know. When any station explodes, there is not warning: Muslims leave, we now believe pop. There are in fact Muslims kill. At liberty, too, must be engaged in their rehabilitation.

According to Azat, in the colonies of the Republic of Tatarstan with the radicals imams are working — and after talking with them, “guys give up their ideas” over the last three years in the Republic there was not a single case that vacated from the area went to fight in Syria, he said.