The first racketeer Union

“the” continues the cycle of publications about the thieves — the generals of the underworld. Appearing in the early twentieth century, they very soon stood at the head of organized crime in the Soviet Union and then Russia. In the previous article we talked about Vladimir a Grandmother named Bob Diamond: it was an example of perfect adherence to the laws of thieves and in my life never tarnished honor among thieves. The complete opposite of the Diamond was Gennady Karkov — Mongol: in the 70’s, he formed a gang of unprincipled robbers, terrifying underground millionaires of Moscow. The Mongol bandits in the pursuit of unearned income tsehovikov dressed up in policemen and subtly tortured their victims. Their leader Carcova was called the “grandfather of the Russian racket”.

Gennady Karkov was born on 5 Dec 1930 in Kulebaki, Nizhny Novgorod region. Criminal public he will become known by the nickname Mongol: it is rumored that it gave the inmate a famous lawyer Vladimir Babushkin (Bob Diamond). And it happened, supposedly in Vladimir Central, where Karkov landed in 1972, and Diamond a year later. However, according to another version by the time “drove” has already fixed Karimovym and was acquired in the previous run. Whatever it was, the appearance of authority was Asian, which is not surprising, given his Kazakh roots.

About the childhood and youth of Mongolia is little known. After the war, he arrived in the capital. The profession newly Moskvich attended to and fed in the usual thieves, outlaws on the streets, markets and public transport. A slick of Kharkov was a talented and pretty lucky I acted so quickly, that for a long time did not come across. However, in 1966, it still grabbed the staff of the Kirov district police Department. Soon after, the Mongol went to the area to serve the sentence to three years imprisonment.

Once in Kizel ITL (corrective labor camp) in the Perm region, the bright-eyed newcomer quickly took advantage of her sitting there, reputable thieves. However, despite all his efforts, the lawyers did not accept him, but for the “best pigeons” — the representative of the lowest rung of the hierarchy of thieves — he’s gone. In exactly the output of the Mongols on the freedom of the thieves wrote “the kite,” asking where are the wild lawyers to provide its protégé the assistance and support.

Those will “colleagues” do, and Karikova taken under his wing. The Mongols, though, and had views of the status of the lawyer, often violated the thieves ‘ code and got the official job in a construction company. Received a penny but have not experienced that at one point it will attract for parasitism, especially because the guards now do not leave it unattended.

to Stay in the wings at bosses of the criminal world of Karkow not going to. He wanted not only to gain an absolute authority among criminals, but fabulously rich, so I hammered together a gang which was engaged in robberies. However, the wealthy citizens of Mongolia were not involved. He targeted those who he had income from illegal activities: speculators, underground entrepreneurs, called guilders, antique dealers, drug dealers and dishonest police officers.

the Mongol was well aware that his desire for enrichment, he once again defies the thieves ‘ code, but it does not bother. Moreover, he believed that the “legalists pure” irrevocably, and must live, maximally adapting to the new realities. In your case Karkov so prosperous it was called the “grandfather of racketeering” and recognized: the cruel gang of Kazakhs became the prototype of organized criminal groups, which manifested itself in the late 80’s-early 90-ies.

in fact, the group Carcova was active for one only of 1971, but during this time managed to make several dozen raids. The involvement of the Mongols and of the company for these crimes were able to prove in only a few episodes, because the victims did not want to be Frank with police officers. It was the calculation of the Mongols: from the victims finger in the pie themselves in the case of bodies should be responsible for their income and fraud, and so they will be easier to share with the bandits again and proceed to enrichment.

the Company Mongol picked to match their lack of integrity. Felon Vladimir Bykov (Noodle) was nice in that each apprehension very successful, and pretended to be mentally ill and instead of the zone went to lie down in a psychiatric hospital White Pillars, and his colleagues at craft every time out of the common Fund allocated money to doctors, so they are not chopped Noodle heavy medicines.

Psycho-sadist Victor Anikeev (Bitumin), which Karlcow met in the area were known to have carried out assassinations, and organize them very trivial ways. For example, one victim Anikeev doused with gasoline and set on fire, another sprayed in the face with boiling bitumen, which was melted in an aluminum mug on the stove (just for that he got his nickname and 500 rubles). The physical elimination of the victim, he was assessed more modest: for each kill took only 100 rubles (the average salary of a young specialist with higher education at that time was 140 rubles).

Not inferior to Bitomsky in ruthlessness and another gang member, a drug addict nicknamed the Executioner. He applied to the victims of the robbery own method: put the poor guy in the coffin, closed the lid and started as a magician to cut him in half. The bloodshed usually never came — scared to madness, the citizens chose not to wait for a miracle and immediately gave the racketeers is all that is required.

stand out this rabble Amateur martial arts Vyacheslav Ivankov (famous jap). By the way, according to one version, his famous nickname Ivankov got it for the passion of JIU-jitsu. Karikov was very fond of the jap for the ability to quickly make correct decisions and agility in performing tasks. For example, Ivankov, to the delight of the whole brigade, got hold of a genuine police ID. The jap document, together with accomplices pulled at the Junior Lieutenant by the name of G., which had previously drunk up to unconsciousness at the hotel “North” on Sushchevsky Val. Later the jap brought in a gang of another and two sets of police uniforms.

having Considered all of the moves for future operations, Ivankov offered to buy two cars “Volga” and the truck, where later the racketeers were loading the coffins with living victims inside. And once the jap brought Karlikowo a scenario worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster, due to which the thieves managed to break another victim — antiquary Woldemar Mirkin.

the offer of Mongolia to share dishonestly acquired property Mirkin, Director of the famous all over Moscow antique shop, said hard rejection and even laughed in the face of the racketeer. However, the next day the Dragon was not amused. Fatal to him in the morning, the antique dealer, as usual, was driving to work, suddenly the way his “Volga” was blocked by a truck.

Angered by Waldemar jumped out of the car and began to shout, but two strong guys wrung his hands behind his back and deftly shoved into a van truck. Inside was an empty coffin, where he laid Mirkin. Prikolotin cover nails, the thugs gave a signal to the driver, and the truck went on the road. Where are they taking him, the dealer did not understand and seemed to have lost the gift of speech — the demand of the thugs to give up the location of a cache of money did not answer.

Suddenly, the van has an officer GAI, which demanded to open the casket. Then a shot rang out, and through a small gap Mirkin saw the police officer, struck by a bullet in the head, collapsed beside the coffin. The bandits began to discuss what to do with a random witness.

the Only true solution of the whole company was seen to submerge the corpse of the guard in the same coffin, sketch of rocks and drown along with Darkinym. Hearing this, the antiquary began to shout that will fulfill all the demands of criminals, and when the coffin lid is finally opened, handed them a small key from the safe which was in his apartment.

And then was stunned with fear: lying next to a dead policeman got up and laughed. It was the disguised jap, who played a major role in invented by the play. However, Mirkin did not care: he was terrified and felt sorry about one thing: I went to my contact with the Mongols in the day of his first visit.

Leaving the victim in a safe house on Large Pochtovaya street, the robbers rushed to his home, where easily found safe. However, the amount inside the vault Karikova not satisfied. To pick up curiosities, which was a full apartment Mirkin, the bandits did not dare — too high was the risk of falling into the hands of the authorities in attempt of sale of such specific values.

Pushing Woldemar, the bandits forced him to write a letter to her sister in Kharkov and without explanation asked to collect 20 thousand roubles, huge money. She collected half of the required amount of 10 thousand. However, the Mongol, who as a boy personally came for the bribe, this was not enough: in his subordinates signal “stripped” a frightened woman took off her jewelry that careless lady wore to a meeting with “the messenger”. After the dealer finally sent home, severely punished to keep his mouth shut.

Another casualty of the Mongol gang began in may 1971 Antonina Lomakina, Director of the kebab house on the Leningrad prospectus. That lady managed to cobble together in its place fortune, the Mongols said one of the employees of the eatery. Karlcow first thought to cope with a woman will be easy, but the reality proved otherwise.

on the appointed day the robbers waylaid Lomakin from the kebab shop shoved in the “Volga” and was lucky enough to ride around the city. During a very unpleasant trip sitting in the front passenger seat of the Mongols said that are aware of all its machinations, and demanded to give the values. And the nearby Noodle showed a Shiv, which is periodically poked her in the side.

Lomakina lasted a couple of hours, then agreed to cooperate and promised to give to start, five thousand rubles. Pleased with the robbers escorted the woman to her apartment on Beskudnikovskiy Boulevard, in the doorway where the unexpected happened: Antonina struggling began to call for help. The Mongols gave the command to retreat, and the bandits, leaving the victim and quickly retreated.

lomakinoy was only one chance to avoid new encounters with ransomware — report the incident to the police. But the woman knew that in this case the attention of the Department for combating theft of socialist property (UBHSS) it can not be avoided, and for help to guards is not addressed. Later, she bitterly regretted that decision.

having Met after a couple of days of people the Mongols, Lomakin had tried to escape, but they overtook the victim and again loaded into the car. This time in the cabin was a deathly silence — no one to share Antonina didn’t finish it, it was even worse. Arriving at the destination — a wooded area in the suburbs, the robbers pulled the resisting woman, threw her neck and hung it on the tree. The countdown was led by the Executioner: in 15 seconds, when the brain has not yet begun irreversible processes, cut the rope, and choking Lomakina collapsed to the ground.

After this terrified lady handed the keys to his apartment and called sadists all places where the hidden money: she knew that any sharing now it is not, thieves will take it all, but life was expensive. The bandits really are not left in the home lomakinoy anything of value: in addition to cash pulled all the way down to the couch.

it is Curious that in a gang of Mongol was a woman — dear prostitute Tatiana modu, which were hunted in the restaurant “Uzbekistan”. Once she was in the arms of a jap and asked for assistance in dealing with the drug dealers, saying that she was poor, had to earn the sale of marijuana, and the owners didn’t pay her. Karlikowo that jap reported on the request of a new friend, the idea is to nail drug dealers seemed good.

the first offender modu intermediary who handed her the potion — the bandits showed up in police uniform and briefly with a flash of ID and asked to follow them. Scared drug dealer obeyed and soon found himself in the back of a truck, where he waited for new victims the coffin. The man had several minutes in a row, and he agreed to all the conditions of the robbers to give them five thousand roubles, all available drugs and gold.

Once he was safe, the dealer immediately knew who ratted out his gang the Mongols, and decided to take revenge. Showed up at the apartment to the modu, where, to his horror, there were jap and Balda. At this time, the fee for life for men was the declassification of all his contacts in narcosphere. And it turned out that the main supplier of “dope” was Uzbek Fatima Bersanukayeva. With her thugs Karikova worked the same scheme: under the guise of employees law enforcement broke into her home and during a search found valuables, money and drugs. Fatima intimidated by the violence, the bandits forced her to collect and give them another ten thousand. She would agree to anything.

But the bandits are not stopped. Promotiv all the money, they again decided to revive old friend, and helped them in it mode. Posing as a client, she lured Bersanukayeva to his apartment where she waited for an ambush. The robbers took the victim to the cottage in the village of Maklino, Kaluga region. There it took the Executioner: he beat and choked the woman unconscious, in the end, exhausted Fatima gave them everything she had.

the Puncture which led the team of Mongolia to the collapse, was admitted by the members of the group in the summer of 1971. Robbers decided on an unprecedented step: to clean out their own “colleagues” — burglars. Shortly before the RAID of the bandits Karikova they had done a very successful theft from the apartment of a wealthy tsehoviki. All values were taken at the apartment of a relative of one of the thieves.

There and raided the Mongol people, dressed in police uniform. However, the burglar, in contrast to the inexperienced in this business of drug dealers were the guys experienced and immediately saw through the masquerade. But to resist is not resolved and gave the raiders all valuable loot is about 200 gold coins of tsarist minting and the mountain of jewels.

a Little later, thieves have detained these guards and after a Herculean effort split, promising a reduced sentence. So field investigators it became known that the region has a gang dressed in police criminals. Further was a trick. According to some reports, a gang of Mongol was sent by an undercover agent, and he succeeded in short time to gather incriminating evidence against his “colleagues”.

Arrested the robbers in the beginning of 1972, 27 people with Karimovym headed. Ivankovo only managed to avoid even minimum penalty: Mongolian, which was intended for the jap successor had instructed accomplices to maximally shield him.

By the way, Karkov on the first interrogations behaved arrogantly and refused to admit his guilt: he thought that none of the victims dare to go to the contact with the police. But seeing indications Mirkin, Lomakina and Bersanukayeva, the position changed and agreed to assist the investigation.

it Should be noted that the total of all episodes that have become known to a consequence, Karlikowo and his accomplices were threatened with the death penalty. But it so happened that to testify against the robbers agreed to only five of the victims.

the verdict of the court dated July 1972 Karkov received 15 years in prison, most of his accomplices — time from 10 to 12 years. Blockhead, as usual, was sent to forced treatment in a psychiatric hospital.

Once on the area of Kharkov immediately hit on the gathering of thieves, where he had filed a claim for its employment, activities in relation to their cooperation with the police. But the Mongols managed to turn the tide in their favor, explaining available thieves that acted in accordance with the laws of the new time. “Trump simpleton” explained that under the current situation a thorough adherence to the code of thieves promises a quick death to the entire caste of lawyers, and the set of rules it is time to upgrade.

the Mongols were so convincing that seasoned thieves admitted that he was right and not only applied the penalties, but and soon crowned him. A few years later, in 1979, the idea of the Mongols actually had “legitimate” power on the thieves ‘meeting in Kislovodsk, where thieves met with guilders and convinced them to pay the thieves’ common Fund 10 percent of its profits.

Karlcow in this gathering was not involved — he had to sit another six years. But in 1981 he broke another commandment and thieves was released on PAROLE. However, as it turned out, by this time the health of the Mongols was thoroughly undermined, so to fully enjoy the laurels crowned lawyer, he failed. On earned the money he bought a mansion in France, where over sometimes until his death in 1994.

the money the Mongols did not need, and therefore in great Affairs is no longer involved, preferring the peaceful existence of the curator of the lads from various OPG and looking in the criminal environment. Died criminal General in the new thieves ‘ formation in Moscow, at the Blokhin cancer center Kashirskoye, after a long and unsuccessful struggle with liver cirrhosis.