The former Governor of the Bryansk region were released early

klintsovskiy city court has satisfied the petition of protection ex-Governor of the Bryansk region Nicholas deneen about conditionally-early release from punishment serving in a colony. On Friday, April 13, reported on the court’s website.

writes RIA Novosti, previously, the courts repeatedly refused Denin.. But at the end of March the petition was remanded for a new trial, because former Governor compensated the material damage.

In November 2015 deneen was sentenced for four years colony for excess of powers of office. In addition, the court ordered him to compensate the caused by the crime material damage to the budget of the region — 21.8 million rubles.

According to investigators, the winter of 2011-2012, deneen dispose to allocate from reserve Fund of the region is about 22 million rubles for the needs of his family-controlled commercial organizations — OJSC “Snow”, due to the explosion in the workshop where two persons were lost, four more got wounds. This incident is of local nature have been wrongly regarded as an emergency. In fact, funds were disbursed without legal basis and expended by the company in the current financial and economic activity.