The former inspector of traffic police was forced to run behind the machine a man with a sick spine

a Former inspector DPS and his friend arrested in Tatarstan on suspicion in kidnapping and extortion. Against them criminal case, according to the website the Republican Department of the TFR.

According to investigators, 27-year-old former policeman and his 38-year-old friend drank in one of entertaining institutions of the city and began to stick to locals who, in their opinion, “defiantly,” Chagall. 29-year-old man told them he recently had surgery on my spine.

the Drunk attackers beat the man and took him outside the city. There they demanded a 15 thousand rubles for the fact that trying to defend himself, he threw one of the attackers bottle. Then the friends put on a young man handcuffed, tied around his waist tow rope and forced to run for their car a few tens of meters. The victim has agreed to their requirements, after which they took him back to the city.