A number of states in the Middle East interested in purchasing kits for upgrading T-72 tanks which turn them into tank support combat vehicle BMPT-72. This was at the ongoing exhibition in Nizhny Tagil Russia Arms Expo (RAE) said RIA Novosti representative of the corporation “Uralvagonzavod”.

“A number of Gulf States interested BMPT-72 taking into account the specifics of the fighting that is now underway in the Middle East this machine is very attracted to their own characteristics” – he said.

Among the countries in the Persian Gulf T-72 tanks are armed with only Iraq and Iran. In the immediate vicinity of the region of T-72 is operated as Syria and Yemen.

Tank support combat vehicle BMPT-72 “Terminator 2” was first shown at the exhibition RAE-2013. It is a further development of the machine BMPT “Terminator.” The machine is designed to act together with the tanks to suppress the tank hazardous enemy forces and facilities.

It is armed with two automatic 30-mm 2A42 cannon a 7.62-mm machine gun PKTM and four launchers complex guided weapons “Ataka-T.” In addition the machine can be equipped with two automatic grenade launchers AH-17A.

X International Exhibition of Arms Military Equipment and Ammunition RAE-2015 opened in Nizhny Tagil September 9 it will last for three days. Demonstrations will be held in the open test site area of ​​400 thousand square meters which will demonstrate the combat and operational characteristics of all types of weapons in real time.