The jailer was sold to the prisoner 30 liters of alcohol

the Former head of Department of quartermaster and economic security of a corrective colony (IK) №6 of the Chuvash Republic convicted that he sold one of the prisoners 30 liters of alcohol. On Friday, March 16, “the” reported in a press-service of Republican Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR).

the Convict sentenced to 1.5 years probation for abuse of official powers (part 1 of article 285 of the criminal code). In addition, the court forbade the accused to two years to occupy posts in law enforcement bodies and bodies of criminally-Executive system.

the investigation and the court found that in November-December of 2017, the prison officer carried on the territory of the institution 27 cell phones, chargers for them, as well as four canisters ethanol for a total volume of 30 liters, which was sold to one of the prisoners over 109 thousand rubles.