The record size of a bribe in the Ministry of defence doubled

Businessman Alexey Kalitin became to cooperate with the investigation and reported that paid staff Ministry of defence 648 million rubles in the form of kickbacks for government contracts. On Tuesday, April 17, writes “Rosbalt” citing a source familiar with the situation.

Originally, the case included the amount of bribes to 368 million rubles, “Kommersant” called record in the history of the Ministry of defence. After the testimony of the main defendant in the case, this amount doubled.

According to the source of “Rosbalt”, Kalitin gave a bribe through an intermediary to officials of the Ministry of defense. According to his testimony, for kickbacks, the military supplied the company of the businessman billions of dollars of contracts for the supply of kitchens, bakeries, tanks and various equipment.

After the confessions of the alleged briber arrested head of food control of the Ministry of defense Alexander Berezhnoy, head of Department technical support Alexander Vakulin, chief expert of the office of Alexey Grinyuk, head of the auction Commission of the military Department Alexander Borovkova, head of the Department of competitive procedures on the state order of Department of state procurement, Ministry of defence Yuri Reshetnikov.

Kalitin and his partners inflated prices for goods and services, and kidnapped a considerable part of the received budgetary funds.