The richest Deputy of Omsk before the arrest cashed billion rubles

the court arrested the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Omsk region Sergey Kalinin, accused of fraud by inflating gas prices. On Friday, June 15, announced Investigative Committee TomTomchannel.

In the course of the hearing, the Prosecutor Dmitry Kazannik said that the MP has a property in Germany and Turkey, and he recently cashed in one billion rubles, the fate of which is unknown, the Agency “Omsk-the inform”.

“the accused seized the passport, but there is a Schengen visa. He can escape,” — said the Prosecutor.

According to investigators, 2011-2018 years due to the artificial inclusion in the company’s tariff “Oschuschat” cost of rent of gas pipelines were stolen cash from gas consumers. The total damage in the case of more than one billion rubles. In the UK I believe that Kalinin is the Director of one of affiliated companies of participating in a fraud scheme.

His accomplice the consequence considers as the Director of “Oschuschat” Alexander Orlov, which placed under house arrest.