The Russian debtor had hid the car in the courtyard of the police officers

a Resident of Veliky Novgorod, owed more than 330 thousand rubles alimony, tried to hide his car in the courtyard of the Department of the Federal bailiff service (FSSP), hoping that there she will not look. On Thursday, July 12, announced “the” Olga Alexandrova, the official representative of management FSSP on the Novgorod region.

“39-year-old Novgorodian, in respect of which in March 2017 was opened enforcement proceedings, the bailiffs stated that officially employed and no property had not. But soon the bailiffs found that the debtor owns a car Opel Astra”, — said Alexandrov.

In her words, to avoid arrest, the car owner decided to hide the car in the most secure, as it seemed, the place — in the courtyard of the Department of the Federal bailiff service. He hoped that there she won’t be coming, but he was wrong: soon the car was discovered.

By law, the car had to be put up for auction, and the proceeds used to repay debt. But it did not come in the shortest possible time after the seizure of movable property male completely paid to the former spouse and paid a performance fee. Immediately after this, in June 2017, the car he was returned.