The Russians had a fight with the military and threw a grenade at them

the Man threw a grenade in guarding military stores military. On Monday, may 21, reported RIA Novosti Department of insurance in the Samara region.

version investigation, the incident occurred on the evening of may 18 in a wooded area in the Bor district of Samara region. A resident of Orenburg region was repeatedly approached two soldiers who were guarding the military warehouses.

every time you are asked to move away from the protected object. In the end, between the 34-year-old man and the military had a quarrel, which escalated into a pursuit. About a kilometer from the warehouse, the man threw at the soldiers fighting grenade f-1. “The health of one of the soldiers had suffered light injuries, he received shrapnel wounds and the other man was not injured. A criminal case under article “Attempt at murder of two persons”,” — said the Agency interlocutor.