The Russians ordered the drugs from Peru for shamanic rite

Inhabitant of Novokuznetsk ordered by mail drugs from Peru for a total amount of about six million rubles; he explained that the desire to hold a shamanic ritual. On Tuesday, June 19, reports Siberian customs administration.

Drugs of “suspicious viscous material in multilayer packaging” customs officials discovered and Regardie. Their total weight was about pounds, it is at least four thousand doses.

Examination showed that “the composition of the liquid contains the drug dimethyltryptamine, also extract Garmin which contains in some plants and is used for the manufacture of hallucinogens and enhances the action of drugs”.

Man, which was intended “product”, argues that the drugs he needed for a traditional shamanic ceremony, during which should be consumed as a cocktail with the use of these substances. In this rite the detainee has participated in Peru and after some time wanted to repeat it.