The Russians went to the cottage and ended up in jail

Kirovsky district court of St. Petersburg sent to jail accused of bribery Oleg Lyskovo, which violated the terms of house arrest and went to the cottage in Gatchina. On Monday, April 16, according to the joint press-service of the courts of St. Petersburg, in his Telegramchannel.

According to the investigation, Lyskov was acting General Director Saint-Petersburg design Institute of restoration of monuments of history and culture “Lenproektrestavratsia”. 16 Aug 2017 he had received a bribe of 200 thousand rubles out of a total of 880 thousand rubles for the issuance of a positive conclusion by results of carrying out a complex of construction and technical expertise for the project “the Western facade of the building of the Mariinsky theater.”

August 18, 2017, the court placed him under house arrest. However, defendant repeatedly violated the terms of this preventive measure: I left the house for more than four hours, and once even left for the country. In addition, Lyskov actively use email and took action to conceal property belonging to him, to avoid seizure.