The stadiums for the 2018 world Cup will not be allowed suspected extremists

In all computer databases on the eve of the world Cup made the data on individuals that can trigger conflicts, fights and riots. About it “the” said a senior source in law enforcement.

According to him, the list is several hundred Russians, who repeatedly came into the view of law enforcement bodies in connection with the unruly behavior, as well as several thousand foreign citizens — their information was handed over in 2017 by the police of the countries-participants of the 2018 world Cup. “All photos submitted to the facial recognition application installed in Moscow and in other regions. Those people in stadiums will not be allowed. Our compatriots who have appeared in these lists in may was carried out preventive conversation, and they gave receipts on your good behavior,” — said the source.

He stressed that such practice is widely used with the 80-ies of the last century, and more recently mandatory for the countries-organizers of the football competitions of international level.

on Friday, June 8, the newspaper “Evening Moscow” published an interview Minister government of Moscow the Department for regional security and combating corruption Vladimir Chernikov. In it, he among other things said that the stadium, which will host matches of the world Cup, can’t get the fans who had previously “celebrated” facts of improper conduct.

“blacklisted fans hooligans listed 467 Russians. Such lists handed over to us and representatives of the countries participating in the world Cup. In total the way to the stadiums ordered another five thousand foreign nationals. All the data about the football hooligans are contained in the database, which is verified, in particular, when issuing the Fan ID, without which the entrance to the stadium will be impossible,” — said Chernikov.