The thieves opened the hunt for football fans

Football fan from Egypt, cheated and robbed his neighbor in Moscow hostel. About it Interfax said an informed source.

“Monday law enforcement asked the citizen of Egypt who arrived in Moscow for the world Cup, with the statement that roommate at the hostel in the street by deception deprived him of his personal belongings and money,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, the victim reported the theft of a Bicycle, in front of the net-truck which was a bag with money in amount of more 100 thousand roubles for the passport of the citizen of Egypt and the passport of the fan. On suspicion in Commission of this crime the police are looking for the roommate of the victim, a native of Tatarstan.

June 18 to the law enforcement bodies of Moscow has addressed a football fan from Costa Rica, who lost his phone and wallet after a visit to a night club on Savvinskaya embankment. The alien drank a few cocktails and felt bad. He called the ambulance, and he soon discovered the loss of a mobile phone, credit cards and 500 Euro, said an informed source.

the court of St. Petersburg arrested four Peruvian nationals suspected of stealing the fan from Korea Luggage at the Pulkovo airport on June 12, said Interfax in the United a press-service of the courts of St. Petersburg on Tuesday, June 19. According to the source, they took from the victim a bag with a laptop, tablet, mobile phones and camera. In the apprehension of suspects has helped a description, provided by police Rob a foreigner.