The top Manager of “Roscosmos” in jail

the Complex is judicial-medical examination has established the cause of death of the former Executive Director of the Roscosmos Vladimir Evdokimov in the camera jail No. 5. He killed himself after a quarrel with his wife, said “the” source law enforcement. Also information was confirmed by two other sources at Investigative Committee (TFR) and the Federal centre it is judicial-medical examinations.

he said, Valentina Rakitina, which Evdokimov divorced after his arrest, the victim called and reported the transfer of money for his release from prison. Evdokimov also told her about the failure of the transaction and warned about possible searches in their house. “The wife threw a tantrum, accused her husband that he was framed, that he threw and brought it,” said the source.

In the chamber were also occurrences a knife carried by one of the investigators for household purposes.

“the Conclusion of the experts about suicide final results were received in April, but a criminal case about the murder Evdokimova is not stopped,” said a source in the TFR. According to him, there are a number of procedural formalities, after which the case will be closed. “Prospects for doing no crime no,” said he.

a Case of bribery against Rakitina was terminated.

Rakitin put in a locker at the Kazan station 80 million roubles on the orders of the spouse. The money was intended for bribes to investigators RCDS and employees Federal security service (FSB), to lessen charges, Evdokimov and to transfer him from prison under house arrest, writes Kommersant. According to the newspaper, intermediaries in the transfer of bribes to the investigation said the lawyer Alexander Malofeyev “fixer” Dionysius Zolotov, which Evdokimov was sitting in the same cell.

Former Executive Director for quality control and reliability of the state Corporation “Roskosmos” Vladimir Evdokimov was occurrences dead in the night of 18 March 2017 in the remand prison number 5 in Northern Moscow. His body had three stab wounds: one in the neck, twice in the heart.