The US Army has released a simulator of the shooting of schoolchildren

The Army and the US Department of Homeland Security presented a simulation of the shooting of children in the school. This is written by Gizmodo.

The project, called EDGE, is based on virtual reality technology and is designed to train intelligence officers and teachers in correct actions in the event of an attack of an arrow on the school. Police and rescuers have already accessed it, in the spring it is planned to make a version for employees of educational institutions.

In the simulation there are three roles: teacher, shooter and policeman. The role of the shooter is proposed to pass the assault of the school, to find targets and eliminate them. A policeman on the plot must find and kill the shooter. The teacher must cope with the general panic and find the most secure place for children, for example, to build barricades. During the training participants will be given hints.

The head of the public relations department in the field of science and technology of the US Department of Homeland Security, John Verrico, stressed that the simulator is not a game, and it can be used only for training purposes with a special permit. His words are cited by The Rolling Stone. Verrito added that similar programs are already available to 525 users in 25 states.