The youngest thief in law was beaten and was deprived of the title of a seasoned authority

among the thieves began a large-scale purge over the last two weeks titles lost three crime bosses. On Wednesday, June 13, according to the information Agency (IA) “Prime Crime”.

As noted, from excess in their ranks lawyers get without any external intervention. Of title, in particular, have lost 25-year-old Revaz of Ubilava (Resiko The) — one of the young thieves, crowned at the age of 21. It was rasarnava with the phrase “random passenger” 44-year-old Koba Akhvlediani (Koba Sukhumi).

Titles also lost the 36-year-old Mindia Goradze the (Lavishly Batumi) and 38-year-old lekso Logua (lekso Gali).