“They are on stage in suits from Brioni”

He served FSB and hunted terrorists from the North Caucasus, but the conflict with his colleagues over to his criminal case and the real term. With the stigma of fraud the former KGB officer went to the “red zone” for prisoners of the security forces and have experienced its realities. The prisoners, dressed in Brioni; generals buying warm place for huge money; jailers, laziness leaving the prisoners work with secret documents, and that’s what we had to face our hero. About the rules of life “red zones,” he said in an exclusive interview “the Tape.ru”.


prison terms, all zones are divided into “red” and “black”. First of all aspects of prison life are fully in control of the administration of correctional agencies, second of all informal issues (including those associated with the administration) decide criminal elements. However, according to another classification, the “red” are only those areas which are serving their terms, former employees law enforcement. It is about them and will be discussed in this article.

I come from the Far East. Graduated from high school, enrolled at a civilian institution, and after he decided to go to the FSB, says the novel (the name of the narrator changed because the terrorists brought it to your list for elimination). Actually, right after school in the Academy of the FSB are those who have someone already in the system. I did not have such connections, but work in the secret service seemed interesting. I came to the office, rang the personnel Department and said I wanted to work. Wanted operational work to do. Went 2005.

the Novel was sent to study at the Institute of the FSB. In 2008, a young operative sent on a business trip to Ingushetia, where he spent a year. Returning to the far East, Roman decided to transfer to North Caucasus. The reasons were many: warm, beautiful, fresh air, and the salary twice.

the Work there, of course, interesting — I went, met, have received information, fulfilled, explains the source, “the Tape.ru”. — Live work. You know that bring real benefits. Worked on high-profile terrorist attacks: Domodedovo, “Nevsky Express”, the explosion in the market of Vladikavkaz. Here the bad guys — and most of them are not caught, relatively speaking. And in the far East nothing happens. A lot to say about my work, I can’t — it’s confidential information. In a nutshell, I developed terrorists, recruiters and their supporters.

According to the Novel, ordinary people, watching movies about James bond, confident that the work of the security officer — is the constant shooting. In fact there is no such of course, and explosions, and shootings happen, but it’s all part of operational work, which will inevitably entail increased danger. Roman has worked in Ingushetia until 2014. From second Lieutenant he was promoted to major, and then arrested him.

My conflict with the leadership occurred on the basis of different concepts of justice — says former KGB officer. Is the internal kitchen, not particularly welcome when they tell strangers. This is a professional courtesy. When you go to the office — accept the rules of the game and not install them. I can only say that I never was silent, and spoke the truth and did his job.

the Novel offered to transfer to another region, he refused. And then he was framed. According to the interlocutor “of the Tape.ru”, in such situations, the course is a standard pattern: “sew”, or a case of bribery or fraud. Our hero got the second option because he did not take bribes, and generally undermine him was difficult. But he had a friend that owed him a large sum of money.

— it all Began with small things: take ten thousand kids in the school to collect, he says. — I have a large salary, why not help. After a couple of days gave. Then you have 30-40 thousand, returned. And so she earned my trust. Then he says: give 150 thousand — you want your business to open, and gradually accumulated a large sum — about a million rubles.

At some point a woman has been caught attempting fraud — and tried to use it against Roman. She was given a simple choice: either it gives the security officer’s testimony, or her children will go to the orphanage. The first option seemed more attractive — it is possible and not to return the money, and off with probation; therefore need a statement she signed. Everything else, the woman offered to negotiate and the chief of the Novel — but to do this she did not dare.

— When was the trial, she told herself, trying to fool people, — said the source “Tape.ru”. What about me she couldn’t say, stammered, stuttered. Our judicial system has a way out of such situations: the Prosecutor just read out her testimony from the case that the investigator wrote. God hates sinners. Employees who deal sewed, in a short time was dismissed under discrediting circumstances. Subsequently, one was even convicted of fraud and sent to prison.

For the attempted fraud of the Novel was sentenced to three years colony. He was taken into custody in the courtroom after the verdict. At the time the security officer was 33 years old. He was sent to the SIZO of Nalchik, where he first time just slept.

— a Wonderful place compared to the other resort, — says Roman. — Clean, repair, ratio of staff to prisoners in any complaints. Illegal Dating allowed. Feeding and living conditions are disgusting, as always, but cockroaches and other animals no, overpopulation, too.

In detention centers, there are chambers designed for the maintenance of former law enforcement officers. In this category — BS (former employees) — includes not only police officers, prosecutors, security officers, military personnel, Investigative Committee, but the bailiffs with the jailers and tax. Former employees are supposed to kept separate from other inmates for security reasons.

Their cameras are designed for four people. They may not have the refrigerator, TV; could be a bad repair, broken toilet. There is also no hot water. Mattress, pillow, bedding, plate, mug, spoon issued they on the warehouse detention center on a common basis.

With me were two murderers and one rapist — says the source “Tape.ru”. — The rapist is treated like a normal person. He said that he cleared the debt with women, put her in the trunk of a car, drove around the block and dropped off. And she wrote a statement. As there was no evidence, except her lawyer, the Prosecutor and the judge entered into a contract: there will be an admission of guilt, will get three years, I do not agree — “leave” for five. Acquittals do not happen.

Roman said: his cellmate turned out to be a good person. In prison rapists are traditionally treated negatively, they are part of the lowest caste of prisoners. However, the cellmate of the Novel had not been touched: everyone knew his story, and the comments to it was not. What’s up to our hero, he went to serve his sentence in Nizhny Tagil, in the colony No. 13, where sit the former employees of power structures. These zones are called “red”, while the area for normal prisoners “black”.

In the “red zones” for the former security forces there of the concepts of thieves — the inmates adhere to universal norms of behavior. For misconduct — for example, theft — are sent to wash the toilet, after which the offender falls into a lower caste “separated”. Its counterpart on the usual areas — the “omitted” in particular, rapists and pedophiles, who often use sexual violence. In the case of “separate” there is no such, but otherwise the attitude is similar.

In this caste are entered, not only those who steal from their own, but convicted sex offenders, informers and intriguers. The process of initiation into “separated” is a douche urine. To avoid such a fate, the prisoner should always be responsible for what was said, not interested in others, for which they sit and not use those that fell on the floor in the bathroom: things you need to raise and defiantly throw. In addition, there is a total ban on any contact with “separate”.

— They eat right in the toilet, sitting on the windowsill with tea and can’t come to the room for eating squad — says Roman. If they sit at the common table — the table will have to throw out and order a new one. They have special chairs of a different color. If the person unknowingly gets on, he will explain, if to sit down again, he’ll be sent to “separate”.

At the same time such a humiliating job like washing toilets, doing not only the people of lower caste. However, generals don’t do that: usually it is the lot of soldiers who can’t chip in for toilet cleaning.

the Logic is simple: the cleaning must do all in turn, but if he don’t want to pay someone who will do it for you. No way to pay my self. Do not pay money (they are forbidden in the penal colony), cigarettes or canned goods that go directly to the person who washes the bathroom or floors. The Source “Tape.ru” notes: among the inmates, the security forces don’t matter rank and duty station: the General is the same manner as the ordinary.

— taking into account only the personal qualities of the person, says a former KGB officer. — Administration’s attitude to former colleagues and captors smooth. There is no concept of “their” to convicted security officers and inspectors of the Federal penitentiary service, which is very much in the colony. The jailers just don’t understand that they themselves can be in their place. With me in the Nizhny Tagil colony drove the chief of penal colony №13 and his Deputy from Khabarovsk. They got together and tried to keep the zone together.

In the Nizhny Tagil colony where served time novel, the repairs were made exclusively on the money of the prisoners. From each arriving phase, the administration chooses those who are richer: love Muscovites, employees of management of economic security and combating corruption (Webirc) and businessmen. The latter fall into the “red zone” to the former security forces, if they last served in the police. About the availability of considerable material resources from the barman can specify his article, especially if it is a part of 4 articles 159 of the criminal code (“Fraud in especially large size”).

Is my favourite article on the “red zones” — explains interlocutor “of the Tape.ru”. — Generally, all prisoners go to the area with the sentences on his hands — and there, on arrival they immediately look at the damage. If the damage is large or the position of cash, for example, a head tax drove participation in the cash scheme, then there is “fat”. Drive such to the detachment of Chechens (also a former security services), and there are specially trained people they say, you need to provide sponsorship and make repairs in the unit.

Then what happens, as in the famous saying: with the world on a string. Someone will give 100 thousand who are 300-something, someone- more. According to Roman, is often “voluntary” the money goes for repairs, and budget funds allocated for these purposes, the user spends on itself.

of Course this is my speculation: I did not pick in the accounting Department. But the logic here is clear: it is possible to repair buildings, invest — a million, at least ten — but you have a thousand prisoners! Some of them rich, who voluntarily, in fact, ready to make repairs. Times — and the building is miraculously remodeled, and the money allocated for repair, you can put it in his pocket.

In barracks, made by the type of hostels, there are rooms for 4, 6 or 10 people. The prisoners at his own expense make there wall panels and ceilings, put on the floor laminate and set the national team the furniture that makes the area. By the way, if a prisoner made repairs in her room, there is no guarantee that he will live there. It can easily be transferred to another brigade, and there — again expenses.

in addition to repairing the jailers make money on the trade post.

the Orderly — people who look after the contingent. — says Roman. It’s not a very “underworld” place, but the privileged: the soldier can walk through the colony without an escort. Such a position can be by participation in the renovation of 100 thousand rubles. The place of the nurse in the infirmary at times prestigious: he asked for two million rubles, but in fact it’s more like 800 thousand. There settle serious guys from the services of economic safety of FSB and MVD. They go on stage in a sports suits from Brioni and working nurses, not particularly tense.

Among the other “criminals” of posts — assistant Manager (no matter what), orderly of the club (worth about 250 thousand rubles) and the librarian. For example, the head of the Khabarovsk colony, mentioned above, took a job as a caretaker, the other the head of the colony — the caretaker of the bath, General Prosecutor with the caretaker of the school: some of the inmates there is not even a secondary education and they get in the zone. As to the Novel, he settled for 150 thousand rubles per… super-secret division of the colony.

I do not were employed in the production, and the “naredbe” is a top-secret division of the number of prisoners, about which the FPS does not tell anyone — says ex-con. — When you receive checks, these closed offices do not. There is a magnetic lock on the front door, the ordinary employees of a colony there can not pass. Inside modern computers. The prisoners do the work for members of the colony.

a novel in the secret service had administrative functions: accounting of arrivals, distribution of power, making the base of patients, time going to work each prisoner, transfer them from unit to unit. Themselves members of the colony took on a bit: I would count the prisoners, and compared the names and took them into quarantine. Then sealed the bag with the secret Affairs of the inmates were transferred to the prisoner.

I was brought into a single database all data on arrivals: who came, where they served, how long, title, diseases — HIV, tuberculosis, addiction, — says Roman. — It was necessary to prepare cards for each prisoner in shifts. Who works in the evening shift, then roll their cards should be separate. That is, the whole bureaucracy associated with the life of the colony. Employees do not do: why? Because you can just watch TV, nibble sunflower seeds and sleep. And the work will be done by the people who came to mend. Generally, my position in the colony I got on the cheap about the deal I agreed with the other prisoners, not with the hotel directly. Payment — card transaction.

— In the “red zone” is not particularly pressed, if he did not run up, — says our interlocutor. — But in this case, in a punishment cell (SHIZO) will be planted — and that’s all. The main thing — to strictly follow a schedule: go to the dining room, not to make food there, not to lie on the bed after lifting and before bedtime, to be cleaned up, unbuttoning the collar of his robe, to use the jargon, always loudly greet with the staff, not to engage in a skirmish, trying to prove his innocence. The best position in which case — “sorry, corrected it.”

otherwise, there is chance to run, for example, stretching. Feet are placed wider than shoulder width maximum at some distance from the wall, focus your head against the wall face down, the emphasis is made on a raised hand, knuckles to the wall. According to Roman, if not give them a reason, they are unlikely to apply such sanctions. Although they, of course, there is a rejection of those prisoners, who had serious buck in the structures. Some inmates prefer not to touch — just in case.

Our source notes that among the contingent of “red zone” is very small, just a handful of former employees of the FSB. But there is no shortage of former soldiers and prison staff; meet representatives of other power structures. From him to put three years the novel served for one year and eight months, then released on PAROLE. Although early to escape with his article is quite difficult.

— Rapists, sodomites better than anyone out on PAROLE — says Roman. Even pedophiles are. Downright out of the zone — maybe not the first time, but when time in eight years after five leaves. For some reason the courts think that they do not pose a public danger. But the most dangerous is the political article 282 (Extremism). It is very bad out on PAROLE. Policy is this: if closed on the 282-th — objectionable means, means to sit.

the Former KGB officer, was released from prison in 2016. Despite everything, the novel still proud of his service in the FSB. Selection is strict, the requirements are high, loads, risks for real men. “Threw me out the FSB, and the specific dishonest people I sharpen the tooth,” he said. According to Roman, of course, the FSB are different people — the father’s sons and his uncle’s nephew; but for the most part, the KGB — all the patriots and experts in their field.

— security services — that the immunity of any country, — said our interlocutor. — Protects the homeland army, and proactive threat intelligence. There are people who really perform their duty, risking their very lives; there are families who are therefore left without breadwinners. Unfortunately, there are slackers and those who are turning the service into Commerce.

From the colony, the novel returned to the far East, the year was adjusting to life in the civilian sector. Then moved to Moscow, began to cooperate with the charity organization “Russia Sitting”. He still helps people with solving the problems faced by myself and the service in prison.