Thieves without borders

In mid-April, the European authorities have decided to deliver a powerful blow to the thieves, come in large numbers from the former Soviet Union, but mainly from Georgia. A large-scale operation called “Caucasian Normandy” (Normandie Caucase), although the most interesting events took place away from the Northern coast of France in Greece. During the RAID, in the hands of the police were 19 crime bosses, including Lasha Shushanashvili. The thief in the law, known in criminal circles as Lasha rustavsky, or Fat, is considered one of the greatest figures of Russian criminal world — and the first thief in Greece. Details European hunting thieves “the” find out together with the portal about the criminal world of the country Prime Crime.

“the Caucasian Normandy” was a logical continuation of a series of unfortunate events that took place in the criminal world of Europe from the beginning of the month. 8 April in Antalya, Turkey, was killed 59-the summer thief in the law gaios, Zviadadze (Gia Kutaisi). The assassins attacked him and his companion 26-year-old thief in law Petriashvili Giga (Giga Kakhetian, or Professor) when both entered the porch of the home of crime boss Roman Barbakadze (Remen). Gia killed, and the Professors are spared — just shoot him in the leg.

the Death of Gia became the thieves of the world a great loss. It belonged to the “old school” strictly adhered to the thieves ‘ traditions and not mired in contacts with the authorities. To his death, presumably, could cause a conflict for influence in the Rostov region with the thief in the law of Asanam Nodar (Nodar Rustavi). Gia along with Hoca, Alpaidze (Alfacon), in contrast to the Nodar, trying to promote your Rostov protege Arthur Atabekyan.

Atabekyan in the summer of 2017 declared himself a thief in jail Rostov-on-don, Nodar is a natural not recognized. Opponents have repeatedly tried to meet with Nodar, to put the point in this story, but the under various pretexts, meetings shied away. Meanwhile, at the end of last year in Turkey, was shot Alfacon — he survived only by a miracle. In the criminal world it is an attempt associated with Rostov conflict. Now his victim, apparently, was and Gia Kutaisi. It is already clear that the war thieves in Turkey will continue: by thieving customs Professor, wounded in the attempt on Gia, is obliged to give a symmetrical response to the customers of the crime — if not for Gia, then at least for himself. And Alphason hardly made the attempt on his life in the accident.

a Memorial service for their fallen prestige, it was decided to arrange in Greece. In fact, Gia has lived everywhere in Turkey and Cyprus, but the Greek banks spent most of the time. A memorial service was held in Athens, and it gathered including approximate Lasha rustavsky.

Criminal authorities gathered in the capital of Greece, was clearly on the nerves after a loud assassination, and without conflict no cost. A memorial service for Many of Kutaisi (he, incidentally, was one of the leaders of the Kutaisi thieves family) said 37-year-old former kingpin albert Magomedov (Leki Rustavi), but the congregation was given to understand that he is not welcome.

Leckie recalled and communication with Nodar Rustavski — the alleged organizer of the murder of Gia, and that Leckie considers himself a thief — despite the fact that he was deprived of his title, and so much more… it Ended with the thief in the law Emzar Japaridze (CATIA) ordered the other bosses to beat the intruder. A scuffle ensued, but Leckie was able to rebuff attackers, and they eventually retreated.

Many of the audience waited for the meeting with Nodar, but it is during the service was in the Ukraine, allegedly under house arrest by the newly instituted there the case of theft. However, in the criminal world said that this is nothing more than a pretext: just a thief in law did not want to answer tough questions related to the death of the GII. However, Nodar sent to the memorial service condolences and a large sum of money from the Rostov lads.

ultimately, the decision of the criminal authority not to go to Greece was very far-sighted: not only did he avoid unwanted present for Gia, but did not hit the RAID. Coincidence or not, but “Caucasian Normandy” began in Greece at that time, when there came Lasha Rustavi and most of his supporters.

Today, Lasha Rustavi is one of the largest figures of Russian crime. At the time, he was an ally of the Patriarch of the criminal world Aslan Usoyan (Grandfather Hasan) in conflict thieves clan by Tariel Oniani (Taro), and Merab Jangveladze (Merab Sukhumi). Not so long ago, Lasha Rustavi was considered a figure comparable with Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Young) — the leader of the criminal world of Russia, according to investigators.

When Shakro was under arrest on charges of extortion, which eventually turned into almost a decade of imprisonment, many were waiting for Lasha action, but it is not identified claims to be the leader of the criminal world, especially that for control of the Russian crime it would be nice to live in Russia, and Lasha settled in Greece and became a kind of thieving oligarch in exile.

the Roundup began on 16 April, almost simultaneously in France and in Greece, and found Lasha in Thessaloniki. With him in the two countries, detained 18 members of the criminal underworld, including thieves Merab, Asanidze (Chikora) and Nodar, Shukakidze (Nodo Gldani). Here it is said that the name of the operation — “Caucasian Normandy” is no accident. The main interest of the Georgian thieves in law in France is theft: the main housing (houses of wealthy Europeans coveted prey), as well as street — pocket and out of the car. According to the Central Department for combating organized crime France (OCLDI), in 2016, natives of Georgia made in the Normandy region not less than 150 burglaries. But detectives from the investigations division of the criminal police of the Department of Calvados believe that the suspects committed over a thousand burglaries.

the European security forces caught Nodo that he controlled the brigades burglar in France and in Greece. Well, Chikaru, like others, has claimed links with Nodo. In both thieves, the French issued the European arrest warrants and they will soon be deported to France. Charges against Nodo pushed and Greek police, but Cicore questions they did not have. That to the boss of the whole company Lasha rustavsky, the situation with him at all were curious.

Lasha and his wards were suddenly not interested. That EU live and act criminal authorities of the former Soviet Union, the local law enforcement knew long ago.

“France Lasha has no claims. It is under Greek jurisdiction: was convicted there for a long time, but after a year released, is under constant surveillance. The Greek authorities therefore provide Lasha “immunity” from extradition to Spain, where law enforcement agencies have been searching for meeting with him,” explains the editor of the “Prime Crime” Victoria Gefter.

According to the expert, the “Caucasian Normandy”, for all its immensity, is in fact the everyday operation of the European police officers. What to the world of thieves, for him arrest a half dozen people also hardly an outstanding event. Of course, things could be quite different, ask the police order to put Lasha rustavsky behind bars, but apparently it is not so: the authority of the “adopted” for the company.

there’s No real punishment Rustavi is not threatened: of the charges against him nor Greece nor France has put forward. Of course, a lot of noise, but nothing. Accordingly, the overall balance of power in the criminal world this operation will have no effect.

by the Way, welcome, which, apparently, used the European forces were to delay for some verification and release, has long been used by Russian police. This is a good way to tickle the generals of the underworld and let them know that despite thieves titles, they are quite reachable for justice would be a reason. And in the case of thieves, he is always there.