“Unruly raped with a MOP”

Omsk is in full swing a loud trial on the officer of the local prison: the gaoler amassed a gang of convicts athletes who at his command had beaten and humiliated prisoners-beginners. The accused was personally present at the executions and encouraged the torturers — in order to break the will of the person. Such methods of “education” — are not uncommon in places of deprivation of liberty. Creepy conveyors for breaking prisoners “press-hut”, in prison slang — existed in Soviet times and are thriving so far. “the Tape.ru” talked to former prisoners who have passed through the press hut, and found how the mechanism of absolute violence.

the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) at the end of March sent in court criminal case 32-year-old Vasily Trofimov, working as the inspector of the security Department penal colony No. 7 in Omsk region. However, the trial has not started so far: the meeting was three times transferred from-for absences of witnesses.

the mills Case is unique in many ways. As a rule, the atrocities of the jailers say only the rights, and law enforcement rarely pay attention to torture in the colonies and even less of their investigating. About the Omsk history, too little known. According to the investigation, in 2015-2016 Trofimov led the group of prisoners, previously engaged in martial arts. They beat and abused prisoners who had just arrived on the stage to break their will and to discourage any desire to defend their rights.

exactly How it happened — you can learn from a video published on the page in Facebook Peter kuryanova, a former convict now working in the Fund “for convicts ‘ rights protection”.

the footage shows a move in the quarantine Department, we provide those who only arrived in the colony. The Blues prisoners-beginners even no chest tags. They just brought in and kicks driven to the infirmary, where allegedly a prison medic (often disguised as a prisoner among the “omitted” — the lowest caste of prisoners) looks everyone in the anus. In the corridor of the beginner is forced to RUB with a cloth the floors, accompanying the work blows and blows, just to humiliate. Those who refuse to obey, beaten with rubber batons. Frankly rebellious activists are raped with a MOP or whatever comes your way.

What will happen Trofimov? He is charged with only abuse of power, so a harsh punishment, he is unlikely to suffer — confirmation of this can serve the same cause. For example, not long ago, the court in Orsk sentenced the acting head of SIZO-2 in the Orenburg region Eugene Schneider and the chief of operations of the center Vitaly Simonenko two and four years imprisonment respectively for beating up three prisoners, one of whom died.

the Press hut is the camera hooked with the administration of the prisoners says, “the Tape.ru” Peter Kuryanov. Such “assault” cameras are created in prisons to extract confessions, break-up of the individual, to extort money and other valuable things.

— Man goes into prison and does not want to accept imposed administration order. And that’s where it intelligible method to explain the situation, — says our interlocutor. — For this prison employees choose from a pool of candidates for “activists”, some kind of sidekicks that will get your hands dirty beating. In cooperation with the administration willing to go the bulls — athletically folded, inflated, one functioning gyrus, which threatens the long term.

According to kuryanova on the court the bulls usually just plead guilty and receive his sentence on special order. After that, they either leave to serve his sentence in jail, or sent to juvie. There the bulls realize that if they do not cooperate — the whole life will live badly, without concessions. And for the fulfillment of every whim of the administration there are various benefits and a real opportunity to get out on PAROLE. Such “understanding” for six months, enters into a kind of contract: it is convicted, indicate the name and write about the desire to cooperate with the administration.

Such cooperation gives detainees the right to use a mobile phone in his cell appoint elders. If “activist” in jail, for the cooperation he gets to leave his cell under the guise of going to the infirmary, but in reality he goes to the operative, where he is given instructions on whom to press to clear the necessary evidence or money. In the end, recruited a team of “activists” — usually three people. One of them elder, the other two apprentices. Them from the different cameras make one, and then plant five to seven people, depending on the spaciousness of the room. These inmates, as a rule, from the category of smooth — quieter water below the grass, more often it’s just background.

Senior and his deputies spread a blanket on the glade and explain to them the orders: sit here all day squatting, says Kuryanov. — In other words, it creates an intolerable atmosphere that every newcomer to the threshold realized where he was. Peasants sit, stand — the camera is ready to receive the prisoner, which in the development of the investigators. He has an order from the investigator: it is necessary to “split” — that, when summoned for questioning, was willing to admit what you need. Here comes this man, and he is right from the doorway: “what are You doing? Razuysya, say Hello”. In short, met unfriendly. In other cells, human relationships, and here the menagerie. Prohibit Smoking or provide, for example, three hours, did whatever on that fancy “press operators” will suffice.

the Man gave to “processing”, wring their hands, pull out the phone and say that now it will take a picture with his head in the toilet and post it on the Internet or relatives send. Or “lowered” cause and put away.

“this is a very serious pressure on the psyche. Ori it — no one from the administration will not follow: they know that the guys are working,” — says the source “ru”. Soon “press operators” explain its object: the turnout to the investigator you need to agree — and to tell all. And on the court, they say, will give up their words and say that you were forced to do.

Press-huts work the same way in jail that area. The people in them the whole day sitting on his haunches on one blanket, whose boundaries cannot be crossed. Seven adult men spend day after day and suffer. Feel at ease only senior “activist” and his assistants — they have to blanket not attached. After some time “press operators” turn to one of suffering with a simple sentence: “do You like to sit on the blanket? Of course not. Come join us! We’ll give you all the products you’re Smoking, when they want to sleep on the bunk…”

whereupon the prisoner — let’s call him Bob, is, of course, agrees — and becomes assistant “activists”. When the press hut arrives a newcomer, the newly appointed “activist” explains him the rules: here to sit, do not talk or talk in a whisper, to smoke or to drink tea with the permission of the senior. And then the elders say Bob, to his relatives at the map they got rid of the money.

— Vasino position has changed, become more prosperous, explains Kuryanov. And if he has the opportunity to ask for money from someone close, it is, of course, will ask — and relatives help, than can. Because in prison, there are people with different capabilities. Or TV, the camera needs, and Bob say: let plasma put, with the operas will agree, they will allow us to drive any movies to watch. Or another phone you want, and it costs: for bringing the Opera to give the Internet to connect, the link to pay.

And Bob gave 100 thousand rubles. It’s a new month — and said to him, may your more money will send, and then back to the blanket and sit like everyone else. And so ad infinitum.

However, the torture of the blanket — this is not the only tool in the Arsenal of “extruders”. Another method — poltorashki. This plastic water bottle that hit the prisoners so they won’t leave footprints.

— If such poltorashku hit on the head a couple of times, buzzing the head is long, explains the Kuryanov. — In chambers are bottles and not reproach, and they are used for such purposes. However, if we talk about the colonies as convicts sent into quarantine, they immediately give a sense of how to behave in order not to get a slap and not to tolerate bullying. If in the area, someone dared to disobey his fast through a punishment cell (SHIZO) is transferred to strict conditions of detention. There is an indoor mode — and the same unbearable conditions as in a press-huts.

In those years, when I was sitting [in the 2000s], in Saratov, the press hut was one, exactly one-third pressing. Now for the case of one or two, and sit there not 10-15 people, as before, and 5-7, says Kuryanov.

In 2016, he visited Saratov insulator as a public defender and still communicates with those who comes out of it.

the Elder had served time in the prison regime is the strictest, provide for multiple penalties. A mother beetle, — says the source “ru”, — He has spent 14 years and again most of vryuhalsya in some garbage. And if the last time he has earned indoor [prison] regime for confrontation with the administration, then again drove, he realized that health is not enough, and “s” started to cooperate with the administration. Pumped, last practiced martial arts, he began to shake seven inmates: extorted money, forced to appearances.

According to kuryanova, earlier on a press-huts worked much more clumsy than it is now.

I found this: twice a day come with checks, to count heads. And here in the press hut lay battered man, tightly ordubadensis, it in a sense can not lead. And what did this man standing duct-taped hands duct-taped to the bunk the bunk, next to him stood up in fact the rest of the inmates, and it turns out that he is in the crowd standing on their feet — no matter that he’s unconscious, head to one side or hanging down. Stands upright and okay. Staff [staff] came, counted by heads, is everything all right.

Now the “activists” are careful, and a press-huts became less. In 2010, he abolished the public section of discipline and order, which consisted of “activists”. In fact it was legalized bunch of informers and the bulls, thanks to which the whole colony was considered torture. But if a colony or prison, as of today, there are one or two press-huts — it’s enough to keep at Bay the entire population.

However, according to Peter kuryanova, in a Moscow prison is now no “real press-huts”. He believes that in Moscow the authorities are unable to afford such a clear violation of the laws, as in the periphery. But these cameras still exist in the jail of Saratov, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Minusinsk, Vladimir, Yaroslavl.

In Yekaterinburg, for example, a press-huts at least a dozen — says human rights activist In Omsk one-third of the cameras and pressing, and in Krasnoyarsk though report that they have a great prison, but in fact there is a press-huts operates a rapid response team (RRT). Simply put, all the cameras are equipped with video monitoring, and if someone thought that one of the cameras is a conflict situation (or just for the sake of the prisoners had not relaxed), — set the alarm. In camera fly UIR officers with batons, indiscriminately beating and put on the floor. And then say: this doctrine was.

the words of human rights activist confirmed YouTube clips, which need no comments.

Press the hut is a sad omen not only men but also women’s colonies in Russia. About it knows Anna Dmitrieva (name changed), who served six years in the Mordovian colony. She got there in 2008.

Immediately brought to the room for a search. Began to talk to me mate, I have my eyes on a forehead have got, — says Dmitriev. — I say to them: “How are you talking to me!”, and they began to beat me. Then I realized where it begins Mordovia, Russian laws over. Took me to the operative, he also beat me up. Was punched in the head, in the stomach, as the man was beaten. Then sent me to the cooler and from there I have already failed. I was sitting there forever.

In the cooler almost no food: “cereal with two spoons put, smear on a plate”, were not allowed to wash, cold, starved, beaten every day. The inmates were escorted to the punishment cell in the pose of a swallow.

“As those convicted for life cancer walk: head down, hands behind his back up. In this position, forced to run along the corridor sneered. Yet at the same time we were beaten with batons,” recalls Anna.

the Women were sleeping alone on the mattress and in the morning and took them away. Forced to run for the camera. In the cooler sat in four inmates in the cell.

— there’s nothing There, very cold, we took socks, underwear. The door to the chamber is a grid, in the winter the staff schizo opened the door case on the street, and all the cold went into the camera. And we are in the same dresses and sneakers. Cold, hungry, battered — well, in short, a concentration camp.

One time I was there was so banged up, just [no words] — says Dmitriev. — Head of the industrial zone was a maniac: he found the victim and mocked her. The warden made me remark that I sent her. She told me: Oh, you bitch! And complained to him. Head of promos [industrial area] came, brought me out and led me into a room, where the mattresses on which we sleep at night. Said to me, get on your knees and ask forgiveness from nazerke [matron]. I refused. He got me an iron stick. My butt was as black as a tarpaulin boots. One big bruise. I was all black, the living space was not. Went to the camera and the girls began to shout: they was shocked by my appearance. They were afraid that they too will be beat. And the chief of the promos became every day I come — and for the same bruising I was beaten. I thought he was going to kill me in the end. Well, that took me…

Cellmate Dmitrieva day-to-day lived in expectation of a beating. This voltage is very beat on the psyche, and people to settle scores with life.

— I Have many such cases, memory, — says Dmitriev. In 2012 Tatiana Chepurina beat employees of a colony, were not allowed into the toilet. She [committed suicide]. Her corpse was thrown near the bakery, he lay there for a few days. In the morgue not take it — she was covered in bruises. In the chamber [committed suicide] Zulfiya, unable to bear the beatings. Gavrilov Tanya almost killed. Her handcuffs chained to the bars and kicked three, including the head of the colony, struck the head, pelvis broke. Made her an invalid. I really want to be punished, but how to do it — I don’t know. We wrote a complaint in Prosecutor, and they write the answer: insufficient evidence. They know how write: people died for the right condition. We can’t prove what killed them.

According to the source “Tape.ru”, the prisoners demanded 200% of the output. Bad work — the employee take the sticks and beat. A woman sits and sews, and the guard rear fits — and starts beating her on the head. “The crowd can make in a dark room and there [to beat]. The squad is all bruised. One gray mass,” — says Anna.

42 years of his 69 years VASO Sakhalin held in places of deprivation of liberty. Under this name he is known in criminal circles: his real name he called didn’t want. According to VASO press hut was always. As said by the policemen, “we did not come up — not for us to abolish them”.

— It is very scary and ugly thing. When we were under Soviet rule (first VASO went to prison at age 23), I know that we are the hated people on the Leninist principle “to destroy the crime in any form,” — says the source “ru”. Plus Khrushchev’s words that in the 70’s it will show the last criminal. And we Communists tried to destroy. Now the interesting thing about the camps: kill people not because they should be destroyed, but because the officers — the powers that be. Staff colonies raised as criminals and became more violent than before. In Soviet times, they were executioners, but was more humane, because the executioner was just murdered, and these monsters are brutally abused by the same people, as themselves, — that is to show their inferiority. These people have not achieved anything, and they were given power. The same scum as the criminals.

the Source “Tape.ru” said that earlier in the press hut was beaten with hands and feet, and is now being much smarter: beat hot water bottles, buttons for a long time in handcuffs, pour boiling water in the groin and on the back, which leads to terrible burns.

— People break down, cry, give up, — says VACO. — Used to be able to shoot to kill. And now this… Each metal starts to resist, so we someone to bend someone resisting, someone melts. So, melted off a lot of people, but now more of them. For now, judge people for such a trifle, which is even ashamed to speak.