Polish shops will turn into stations for bypass the new law

Owners of shopping centers in Poland have found a way to circumvent the government’s ban on trade on Sundays for shopping. They will take advantage of the fact that the restriction will not affect transit. It is reported portal Onet.pl.

the Newspaper reports that one of the shopping centers in Gdansk will take advantage of the proximity of the railway station Wrzeszcz and integrated into the station building. It is reported that TC will soon be a ticket office and waiting room.

Director of the Institute Andrzej Klein (Andrzej Klein) confirmed this information and added that the school will be opened next Sunday, March 11, when the ban will come into force. “I officially confirm that the purpose of the building will change, and on March 9 we will become a train station,” he said.

Saakashvili wanted the power

Former Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili has recorded a video message to the members of the party “United national movement”, which encouraged to actively prepare for elections in the country, and also outlined a desire to return to power in Georgia. The appeal was published by the TV channel “Rustavi-2”.

“Our goal is to return to power in Georgia, and we have to go back in 2018. How can this be done? We must win the presidential elections,” — said the politician.

In his opinion, the state institutions in the country shattered, they returned to corruption. “In a country dominated by crime, the situation of security has deteriorated. Such hopelessness was not even in the days [of the head of Georgia from 1992 to 2003, Eduard] Shevardnadze. Amid all this, hundreds of thousands of working Georgians have either left Georgia or are about to leave. Georgia really is on the verge of destruction,” Saakashvili said.

the Former Georgian President also accused the richest man in the country Bidzina Ivanishvili that he “has announced the casting for the title of the main opposition forces”. “We have to win the election and ruin his feudal fiefdom”, — Saakashvili added.

the Next presidential elections scheduled for October 2018. Incumbent President Giorgi Margvelashvili has the right to run for a second term. The desire to participate in the elections declared the leader of “Democratic movement” Nino Burjanadze and the leader of the labour party Shalva Natelashvili.

Zhirinovsky was scared for the fate of mankind because of offended men

“Epidemic” of accusations of harassment can destroy humanity, finds the candidate in presidents of Russia from LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky. About it the politician wrote in his Telegramchannel on Monday, March 5.

“you Have to understand that if an epidemic of accusations against men will not stop — this will cause the normal relations of the sexes generally can end. Instead of love men and women will hate each other!”, — said Zhirinovsky. The politician urged to imagine the possible consequences: “Anyone understands that it means just the death of us as a species”.

the LDPR Leader also expressed confidence that men and women confront the same forces that in his time “played off the Communists and fascists, the Western and Eastern worlds”. “The goal of the manipulators is to stop the healthy development of humanity, to subordinate people to himself, to make a hostage of stereotypes and to profit from it”, — said Zhirinovsky.

now we discussed the legal definition of assault and harassment in the workplace. This initiative was made by Deputy Chairman of the Committee on family Affairs Oksana Pushkina. For such violations, proposed to introduce administrative liability in the form of fines.

In February, several Russian journalists told about the harassment by the Deputy from LDPR Leonid Slutsky. The politician rejected the accusations. In the press the situation was compared with the erupted in the fall of 2017 sex scandal in Hollywood, where many stars of show business, spoke about harassment by producer Harvey Weinstein. Then in January 2018 kicked off the movement Time’s Up (Time’s up), aimed at protecting against sexual harassment and discrimination.

The fashion house staged a hotline straight to the show

March 4 in Paris, Balenciaga introduced a new collection. Front on clothing French brand has printed the phone number to his hot line on a yellow background, reports The Cut.

If you call the number, you can hear the greeting of the robot, and then a list of 20 questions with answers about personal preferences, for example, clothing size, favorite color and time of year.

in addition, in social networks discuss the house of Balenciaga care about the health of their models. For example, in the Telegram-channel Golden Chihuahua wrote that the girls were given a reminder about healthy eating that the fashion house has pledged to provide them during the operation.

was Also specified email address, where models can send all questions they have, and complaints.

The Prosecutor called a fair punishment for the Novosibirsk maniac

the state Prosecutor had requested a life sentence to the former militiaman Evgeny Chaplinskaja recognized by the jury convicted of the murder of 19 women, reports TASS.

In the debate in the Novosibirsk regional court the Prosecutor asked to impose the maximum penalty under the Criminal code.

Sentence Couponscom is expected to be announced on March 6.

on February 28, a jury unanimously acknowledged the 52-year-old former security guards guilty in the serial killings of women. He does not deserve leniency.

the Consequence and court it is established that from 1998 to 2005 Chaplinsky acquainted with the young women on the streets of Novosibirsk, and invited them to spend together time. Agreed man brought his car to a deserted place and killed. To cover his tracks, he dismembered the corpses, and the remains were left in different places. His victims were women aged 18 years to 31 years, some of them were engaged in prostitution. In 2005, the murders suddenly stopped.

a Serial killer wanted for several years. Has been tested more than five thousand men, interrogated over eight thousand witnesses, conducted more than 300 examinations. As a result of molecular genetic studies of objects from the crime scene was discovered the genotype of the alleged killer.

In 2016, was set to match genotype with the biological sample Cuplinskas, after which he was detained. After his arrest, he confessed, but then refused them, saying that he incriminated himself under pressure from the investigator.

Experts have not found the man of mental disorders and was found sane.

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