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Richard Sandrak started going to the gym almost sooner than, in principle, to go: it moved from Ukraine to the States, my father wanted to make the boy the new Schwarzenegger. For many years the father, mother, coaches and managers tried to make the teenager a new movie star, but as a result of grown-up little Hercules found himself is not there, where would his parents. “Ribbon.ru” tells the story of a young bodybuilder.

Richard Sandrak was born in one of the villages in Ukraine in April 1992, but in two years his parents moved to the United States. His father Paul was a professional Taekwondo player, and mother Elena took part in the competitions in fitness aerobics. They dreamed of Hollywood fame and set out to grow from a child of the new Schwarzenegger. Workout Richard began almost from infancy: in the two months Paul was doing with his son stretching exercises to the songs of Gloria Estefan.

as soon As the child began to walk, the father added light training martial arts and took my son to the gym. Realizing that the child is making progress, Paul Sandrak moved the family from the less prestigious Pennsylvania to California, closer to Hollywood. There they met with coach Frank Jardinei, who saw in the boy’s potential and promised to make him a star. At the first meeting with coach dad asked Richard to show what he’s capable of. The boy jumped up and made three kicks before he landed.

Soon, Richard has appeared under the alias “little Hercules” in the most famous bodybuilding shows in America: “Mister Olympia”, “Night of Champions”, “Mr. USA, the emerald Cup”, “Arnold classic” and many others. Sandrak, became famous overnight, and for some time did not descend from the covers of magazines and TV screens. At the age of eight years old he could reap from the chest weight 95 pounds, three times his own and received the title of “The strongest boy in the world”. Little Richard reminded not a real boy, a video game character or action movie: beyond impressive muscle the guy was a black belt in karate and an ideal stretch. According to father, his body was only one percent fat, which, however, is considered to be extremely unhealthy.

However, the glory Andraka stood a grueling workout and a difficult relationship with his father. And if from time to time he had managed to hide it from his besieging journalists in 2004, when the boy was 11 years old, the tale is over: Paul Andraka put in jail for domestic violence — he broke his wife’s wrist and nose. The police secretly called Richard and asked him to come by the house with sirens turned off — he didn’t know how to react to the appearance of the police by his father.

After this child, and his coach as a substitute. Jardine began to tell journalists of the brutal methods of education Richard: that boy trained six and even seven hours a day, doing a thousand crunches in one go and did not go to school, doing lessons homework tutor. To ten years the boy was not allowed to socialize with other children, for the slightest fault were forced to squat 300 times, and wrung out of 600 times, and was fed only white beans. That before all this he kept quiet, the coach explained that senior Sandrak threatened to kill him.

After his father was put in prison, Richard ceased to communicate with him and for a while I stopped going to practice. He and his mother moved to the small town of Santa CLARITA, however, Elena did not leave hopes to turn the son into a star and found the Manager named Marco Garcia, who procured for him the role in the movie, spoke with journalists literally lived with the family Sandrakov — in the same house. Richard’s mother had also re-established contacts with Jardinei, which again became involved with a 15-year-old boy.

Not to say that training the young talent really liked, but disgust did not cause Richard treated them as a necessary work. He trained for an hour and a half five times a week and sitting on the sports diet, which seemed to him a haven after a strict menu of white beans. However, the training schedule boy now observed just before the shooting. With the advent of the Manager, his life is changed dramatically: Richard learned what the taste of the pizza, and sometimes spending the whole day lazing around, like a normal teenager.

Elena Sandrak spoke with journalists with caution: she denied that her husband abused Richard, about their own relationships with her husband refused to speak at all. And although he admitted that the methods of education Paul caused her concern, insisted that the son never was forced — supposedly the child himself started to work out at the gym, pull barbells and dumbbells.

Under the watchful eye of Manager Richard confirmed the version of his mother: “I never had to train or do anything against my will. My parents always trained, I just wanted to work with them. It was my choice. I grew up with dumbbells in hands. I never did, we never had quarrels on this issue.” Richard insisted that not considered measures of the father is too cruel: Yes, he slept on the floor, but now he has perfect posture. And journalists, he said, “fanned this thinking, if I was tortured”. On a question of journalists, whom he considers his hero, the boy confidently replied: the parents. However, after the remarks of the Manager stipulated that mean only the mother.

Garcia not only helped the teenager in dealing with journalists, and has produced a 3D movie “little Hercules” Richard Santacam in the title role and with the participation of wrestler Hulk Hogan. The Manager also planned to remove the boy in several films about martial arts (“Like “Karate kid”, but with the addition of hip-hop”, announced Garcia), but the Hercules is not so much to the audience that the ambitious dreams I had to leave. Two years later, Richard appeared in a movie, but also was very coldly welcomed by the audience. Career boys ended ignominiously: he has since appeared on the screens only in the commercials on the dangers of adolescent obesity and promote healthy lifestyles.

the last time journalists paid attention to the little Hercules in 2015. For 23 years Richard Sandrak completely disappointed in bodybuilding, the gym and acting career. To life pretty plumper young man earned kaskaderskoy: worked at the Waterworld show in Los Angeles at Universal Studios. During the day several times set on fire, dropped from the tower into the water and sweep through out of a cannon into the eyes of the astonished audience.

Richard is proud of its past and sees no need to hide it. He still believes (or wants to show) that his life was nothing special: not all talented children have managed to become famous as adults. To keep in shape, he rides a skateboard, running in the stairs and tightened. He admits that he wants to do quantum physics and working as an engineer at NASA and believes that it is capable of.

Disclosed the problem of sexual abuse of children on U.S. military bases

the Agency Associated Press investigate sexual abuse cases among children living on U.S. military bases. The journalists managed to identify more than 600 incidents since 2007, using interviews, records and data the four main military units and schools of the Pentagon in the country and abroad.

we are talking about the violence of one minor over others. It is noted that reports of such cases often “die” on the desks of prosecutors, even if the guilty party owns up. The attack, for which civil society is followed by punishment and rehabilitation programs on military bases are ignored, says the AP.

Tens of thousands of children living on the territories of military units not covered by military law, experts explain. They are under the jurisdiction of the Pentagon and the US justice Department.

the Agency cites an example: at the U.S. base in Japan 17-year-old boy took his own age to her home and raped, which was confirmed by medical examination of the girl, but the case was dropped, prosecutors prefer not to deal with such cases.

“Armed forces — a huge field for work. But the military wants to hide what is happening because the people expect from them certain things and they try to maintain the image,” — says one of the victims at the base in Germany Leander Mullah that ex-girlfriend dragged me to a secluded place, and then ran his hand down her pants.

Rapists, emphasizes AP, do not get any psychological treatment or punishment — some are relocating to other military facilities or to civilian life. For example, when 10-year-old boy admitted to sexual harassment of his two sisters, lawyers, and investigators could do nothing to help, and the family had to move.

“Russian can get drunk and do something stupid”

Dutchman Henk van Dillon — enthusiast-traveler who dreams to travel around the world by bike. He maintains a blog, which describes his adventures. He had just completed a Cycling trip on the route Saint-Petersburg — Murmansk. “Ribbon.ru” I talked with Hank about why he chose to travel the Arctic and how he saw the North of Russia.

“Ribbon.ru”: Why are you doing this?

van Dillon: In 2015 I went for a bike ride from Holland to Singapore. This journey has taken me. Then I decided to try something new, equally complex, but in a short time. I had the opportunity to take a vacation for 30 days, and I decided to go to a place about which virtually nothing is know. They became Russia — a country, a culture which I really wanted to explore. I saw the reports about Russia in the press, but I wanted to meet people who live there, talk to them. If I went to any European country, you would see approximately the same thing at home, and your country another.

what is the difference?

for Example, I learned that you have strangers meeting on the street, don’t usually smile at each other. We have the passers-by almost always smiling, it’s just normal behavior. But then it turned out that, in conversation, Russians are smiling, and this smile is real, when it is the cause.

In your opinion, what kind of behavior is better?

I travel by bike because I want to learn about the cultural characteristics of a people. I never evaluate a cultural phenomenon from the point of view of, whether good or bad. Sometimes, after reading something in the media, we are angry, sad or happy about some event. But here in Europe, we cannot fully understand what is happening in another country, because the problem is always harder than it seems according to press reports. Russians live in a different era. For example, I was very interested to learn how the people survive where winter temperatures drop to minus 25 degrees.

In some regions, and we have sometimes minus 70…

we in the Netherlands usually does not fall below minus five, and winter rains.

I don’t think European culture is better Russian or Vice versa — they’re just totally different. Since we live in different countries, do not understand each other, and I, traveling on his Bicycle, trying to understand these differences.

But you did have some ideas about Russia and Russians before you came here? They have been confirmed?

First of all, I knew that here everything is easier. In Europe we have a lot of rules, many regulations, prohibitions. In this region Russia was not all that… or Rather, the rules are, but others. For example, I understood that here you drive on the highway on a bike is much more dangerous than in Europe, and this expectation was justified. I was really scared when in twenty centimeters from me, a truck was passing.

Well, Yes, few dare to ride a Bicycle on the Russian polar highway, and even in the winter.

Yes, in 2015, Korean girl decided to do the same as me, and had an accident. She was very angry because, in her opinion, the driver had to apologize and he said he could not ride the bike on the side of the highway in the winter. He just didn’t expect to see a cyclist. And he was right!

In some ways, Yes. But, you know, many Russian drivers consider themselves to be, whether that privileged position in relation to cyclists and pedestrians. Have you noticed this attitude?

Sometimes. When one driver wanted to overtake the other and noticed me, started to honk, considering that I have to get off the road because he just wants to pass and I shouldn’t be here. Sometimes I have the impression that people just don’t understand why I’m on my bike, and even at minus 25 when you can do the same journey by car. I think it’s one of the differences of Europe and Russia, because we have veloputeshestvennikov — common. And the Russians just don’t understand what motivates the people who decided to go in the winter on the bike path.

And you could explain to them why you do this?

Yes. Of course, it was difficult: many Russians do not understand English, and I often had to sign. But in the end I learned to understand simple words such as “where” to simple conversation. There were moments when I was stopped a normal car, and the driver offered me hot tea, asking: “what are you doing here?” I replied that travel by bike. And when I said that sleeping in a tent, people just refused to believe it and wondered why I’m doing this as I could myself to want it. Actually, I believe that such travel is in an environment where there are problems with communication, is good for me. So I know how different people react to a particular situation.

Russians from big cities are different from residents of small settlements?

In big cities all busy with their own Affairs, in a rush, no one cares about me. So I prefer the wilderness and a chance meeting with a rare travelers. Once in 50 kilometers from Petrozavodsk, I met the son with the father. It was a very pleasant meeting — they invited me to his home, offered tea. I was lucky: the son spoke English, he translated to me what was said of his father. We had a very interesting conversation about what represents Russia in Soviet times, 28 years ago, when things were different, he then held a senior position in the local branch of GAI. And then he gave me a star overhead his old jacket. I do not think that such a meeting could take place in a big city. Same thing in the Netherlands — residents of cities no case to single cyclists passing by them. And the inhabitants of the regions just more time.

What stage of your journey was most difficult for you?

I Think when I was in Kandalaksha and was going to go on the highway M18 leading to Murmansk. A Russian told me: “don’t do that!” I met one of Murmansk, a member of the cyclists ‘ club “Vilamoura”, and he also convinced me not to go because of security reasons. In 2011, the famous Japanese traveler Haruhisa Watanabe knocked down near Kandalaksha, in 2015, the Korean cyclist, as I said, also had an accident. I had two examples of cyclists who wanted to get to Murmansk in the winter, and both those failed.

I thought: is there any reason why I should try to do this? Roughly speaking, I was facing a difficult question: do I want to risk my life for achieving the goal? The cold was not a problem — I had a tent and gear for overnight at minus 25. But crash can’t prepare for. Caught some drunk driver won’t see me — and be done with it.

have You met drunk drivers?

I’ve seen drunks, but they were not driving. But, you know, there are a lot of stories about how the Russians can get drunk and do something stupid. Therefore, I had a serious question: am I going to continue its journey or finished it. In the end I decided to go, including in memory of a Japanese traveller to continue his work, drive to Murmansk. This decision I might regret.

there was a moment when you wanted to send everything to hell and back?

One night I was laying in the tent, in a sleeping bag, and could not get warm. At some point I panicked whether my choice in order to freeze here to death? My head is spinning thoughts of what my family, my girlfriend, remaining in Holland, you have something urgent to do… Yeah, then I was ready to quit. But in the end everything worked out, and now this case is like a finger, which is partially lost sensitivity due to frostbite.

You wrote in your blog that when you rode the train dropped you off police, who began to check your documents, and you were scared. Why? ‘ve read some scary stories about Russian law enforcement?

No, not so. Just when I was in China, happened to me a frightening story. One day the police stopped me to check. The police just pulled me off my bike, taken to the police station and held there for four hours, asking questions. It seemed odd that I ride a Bicycle in this place. They wanted to make sure that I’m just a tourist, not a spy, collecting information.

In kandalaksa I was taken off the train by police and began to ask the usual questions like “what are you doing here?” nothing funny happened… But they did it in Russian: imagine five Russian guys, no smiling, all serious… And I panicked: what happens? What’s next? In the Netherlands, even if a COP arrests a criminal, he is always friendly, courteous and smiling.

Well, we cops are always pretending to be cool. They probably believe that other people will not take them seriously.

Yes, I understand, but you need to know — otherwise it seems that they are specifically hostile to you, and you start to take it all to your account. Therefore, many travelers to Russia, people are scared when they arrange such checks. Seemed to suspect me of espionage.

are You already planning the next trip?

I heard the stories about how he biked across Siberia in temperatures of minus 60 degrees. And I thought it was interesting: once I survived at minus 30, maybe at minus 60 happens?

I also want to travel around South America — very much like countries such as Cuba, because I dance salsa. In Russia, too, like salsa dancing — you are associated with Cuba?

Salsa is not part of Russian culture. I have friends who are fond of Latin dances, but craze them there. But back to Russia, especially as you don’t mind to come back. How do you like our country as a whole?

As I said, everything is easier. In Europe the authorities decide everything for you: where to go is dangerous, and what — not. In Russia I have not the feeling. For example, when I came to Norway, I could not ride a bike to the North Cape — I’m just not allowed: told that it is unsafe. I replied that it had checked the weather that I came here from Russia, I have enough experience to decide what to do. In Europe, we constantly monitor and you don’t have it, and I like it.

But safety is a good thing, it is in the public interest.

But when all is safe and regulated, it turns out that you can’t take any independent decisions, everything is decided for you. I as a traveler want to be free. I understand that security is necessary for the good of society. But you know when you have something there, you always want something else. And I love that you have everyone is responsible for himself.

In Ukrainian schools decided to remove from the program physics, chemistry and Economics

In Ukrainian schools six disciplines — biology, geography, physics, chemistry, Economics, and astronomy — will unite in one subject, which will be called “science.” This is stated on the website the education Ministry.

as an experiment, a new educational standard will be introduced in some schools from September 1 this year. To start a course of “natural science” will be read for those who are not planning to pass the exams in the exact Sciences.

the Program is designed for classes of social and humanitarian, sports, artistic and aesthetic direction.this indicates that the new policy “can teachers of natural subjects without compulsory refresher courses”.

In September 2017, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a law requiring to teach in schools only in the Ukrainian language. In August 2016 Kyiv abolished in Ukrainian schools study the table of addition in full in the first and second classes.

In Syria, said Russian VIP aircraft

Syrian activists reported Twitter about the appearance at Damascus airport passenger aircraft Tu-204-300. The aircraft arrived in the Syrian capital of Moscow, and then went to the province of Latakia on the base Hamim.

on the night of 14 March, the aircraft left the Republic and the middle East through the airspace of Turkey went to Russia, as evidenced by the data of the online service Flightradar24.

Arrived in Damascus Tu-204-300, judging by the photos, has the registration number RA-64057. The aircraft with this designation are operated a special flight detachment “Russia”, which serves the first persons of the Russian state.

Information about who arrived in Syria this plane, no, about the upcoming visit to the Republic of any of the representatives of the Russian authorities was not reported. The latter visited the country a senior government official, not involving armed forces, is the Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin: in January of this year, as passed to TASS, he held a meeting and several meetings on the base Hamim.