“Half-naked” jacket said “naked” face

French fashion house Maison Margiela has introduced a new model men’s shirts. It is reported by Highsnobiety.

classic white shirt cut sleeves, the front and the back, leaving only the contours of the sleeves, cuffs, floors, collar and pinstriped with buttons.

the website said that the thing called White Skeleton Shell Shirt (“White shirt-skeleton”) is made of 100% cotton. They also give you two wearing options shirt: a t-shirt and over his naked body.

the Cost of t — 1 095$.

In may, the founder of the Italian brand Unravel Project designer Ben Taverniti released in sale the new model outerwear — half classic women’s jacket. According to the official website of the brand black asymmetrical jacket with one sleeve made from silk and cotton.

The speaker will serve their sentences together with repeat offenders

Former Minister of economic development of Russia Minister began to serve his sentence in colony in the Tver region. On Saturday, 9 June, told RIA Novosti Deputy Chairman of the Moscow ONK Eva Markachev.

According to her, the Federal penitentiary service does not disclose information about the presence of ex-Minister, to know her was only from other prisoners. The speaker is in prison No. 1 in Tver region. In this colony there are repeat offenders, but many of them, more specifically those who are serving punishment for the first time.

the Convicts told Marichevoy in prison with Ulyukaev are convicted of rape and murder. One of them is serving a 20-year period.

“To him in the detachment of the speaker is not exactly defined. I think he will choose the “light” — where convicts are for a short time. Employees paying more attention to it. Directly worn with it. They respect him. I have one employee explained why — because it is not crying, not shaking, not complaining, although he used an entirely different life. Has an enviable will. The speaker has accepted that it has already happened. Decided, it is clear that life goes on,” — said in an interview with the convicted human rights activist for “MK”.

According to him, in a colony the former Minister is still in quarantine ward. There he reads a lot and is in correspondence with his brother and wife.

SK suspected of meatballs “Health” in the poisoning of children in the Urals

beef Burgers “Health” or curd-rice casserole could be the cause of poisoning 64 children in children’s camp “Pine forest” in the city of Kushva Sverdlovsk region. About the Agency TASS according to the regional Department of the Investigative Committee.

“the state of Health has deteriorated from 64 children aged 7 to 12 years of age and two counselors at the age of 18 years. On the eve of the lunch, the children and counselors ate: lunch — potato soup, beef cutlet “Health”, stewed cabbage, compote and bread in the afternoon as they were feeding curd-rice casserole. Now investigator interviewed representatives of the camp administration”, — stated in the message.

Upon the outbreak of intestinal infection Investigative Committee region and the Prosecutor of the city of Kushva started checking.

Georgians made shoes from Russian, German and American passports

In the official Instagramaccount company Vetements, the head of which is the designer of Georgian origin Demna Gvasalia, appeared leather espadrilles with a print in the form of covers of passports of Russia, Germany and the United States.

Shoes are manufactured in three color options under each of the documents: blue for Russian passports, Burgundy for German and dark blue for the American.

In the description of the publication States that the model is a collection of autumn-winter 2018-2019 and will soon be available to customers.

the Russian-speaking subscribers Vetements disliked the design of espadrilles.

“well Done, Vetements!” — praised alone.

“print RF the most wrinkled… Coincidence?” — wrote other.

“Demon clear people Russian theme shoved, Demna Gvasalia,” the endorsed others.

“Stop!” — asked fourth.

It became known about the new appointment, Kim Jong-UN in Russia

Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe for the first time to meet personally with North Korean leader Kim Jong UN on the territory of Russia. About it writes on Saturday, June 9, the newspaper the Mainichi.

This can occur in the fields East economic forum in Vladivostok, which will be held in September this year. As noted, as Abe and Kim sent invitations, however, it is unknown whether they will accept them.

According to sources in the Japanese government, Tokyo intends to begin informal talks with North Korea for the organization of the subsequent meetings. The first contacts can be held in Singapore during the summit of the North Korean leader and U.S. President Donald trump on June 12. There Japan plans to send Abe’s adviser on national security, Shotaro Yachi.

in addition, Tokyo hopes to hold talks in Mongolia on 14 and 15 June during a conference on “Ulaanbaatar dialogue” on security. It is assumed that the receiving party will mediate and from Pyongyang for them will be a representative of the Institute of disarmament and peace — one of the departments Mead the DPRK.

After that it is expected the networking and meeting of foreign Ministers in Singapore in August. Thus the near future for personal talks, Abe and Kim Jong-UN falls on the summit in Vladivostok. Subsequently it is planned to agree on the summit’s already in Tokyo or Pyongyang. The newspaper points out that the contacts of the countries will not be easy, including because of the long-standing problem of abducted Japanese nationals.

Earlier, Japan asked the South Korean authorities to help conduct the summit with the DPRK leader.